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FM24 Match Plans – Be Prepared For Any Match Scenario

FM24 Match Plans Full Explained Guide

Key Takeaways
Understand the vital role of game management in FM24.
Learn how to create and utilize FM24 match plans effectively.
Explore strategies for different game situations to optimize team performance.


In the world of modern football, tactical game management has emerged as a pivotal skill. With Football Manager 2024 (FM24), this aspect of the game takes on an even greater significance. 

Here, we delve into FM24 Match Plans — a sophisticated tool that empowers managers to adapt their tactics dynamically, ensuring that your team is always one step ahead.

Benefits of Using Match Plans in Nowday’s Football Manager Versions

The advantages of employing match plans are manifold:

  • Time-saving: Streamline tactical adjustments across the season.
  • Improved game management: React and adapt to in-game developments efficiently.
  • Better match outcomes: Enhance your chances of turning defeats into draws and draws into wins.

The Concept of FM24 Match Plans

Match Plans in FM24 are a groundbreaking feature that allows managers to set automated instructions tailored to various match scenarios.

This functionality is not just about reacting; it’s about proactively planning for every conceivable turn the match might take, ensuring that your tactics are as fluid and adaptable as the game of football itself.

Creating a Match Plan for Specific Match

Creating a match plan is straightforward yet strategic. Access it through the tactics menu, where you can draft multiple plans to address diverse in-match situations.

Football Manager 24 Match Plan Creation Steps

1. AccessGo to tactics menu
2. CreateDraft plans for various situations
3. FormulateAdjust tactics based on game conditions
4. SaveClick “OK”, then Click ” Use vs XY team”

Key Applications of FM24 Match Plans

FM24 Match Plans - Winning by 1 Goal Scenario
FM24 Match Plans - Losing by 1 Goal Scenario

FM24 Match Plan – Winning Scenario Example:

Scenario InstructionsWinning by 1+ goal in 70-90 mins
Allow SubstitutionsNone
Touchline InstructionsMore Direct Passing, Hit Early Crosses, Dribble Less, Mid Block, Regroup, Drop Off More
ButtonsOk, Cancel

FM24 Match Plan – Losing Scenario Example:

Scenario InstructionsLosing by 1+ goal in 45-70 mins
TacticPrepared Tactic 1: 4-2-3-1 High Tempo Scoring
Allow SubstitutionsNone
Touchline InstructionsPass Into Space, Work Ball Into Box, Overlap Left, Distribute Quickly, Higher Tempo, Wider
ButtonsOk, Cancel

Advanced FM24 Match Plans Strategies

The depth of FM24’s match engine allows for intricate match plan tactics that can adapt to the FM24 match engine’s dynamics. Here are some advanced strategies to consider:

  1. FM24 Matchday Best Formation: Analyze the opponent’s weaknesses to select the optimal formation.
  2. Football Manager Match Plans Tactics: Incorporate touchline instructions to fine-tune your approach during the game.
  3. FM24 Match Plans Mentality: Adjust team mentality based on the match context, shifting from defensive to attacking as needed.
  4. Football Manager Match Plan Allow Substitutions: Automate substitutions to maintain team energy and adapt to tactical changes.

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Professional FM24 Match Plan Preparation

FM24 Match Plans Next Opponent

To navigate your Football Manager save with the acumen of a professional football manager, you must engage in regular consultations with your:

  • Assistant Coach
  • Scouting service – before the match
  • Data Analysis department
  • Medical team
  • Assistant Coach is deeply acquainted with the squad’s current dynamics. They are privy to all test results and training performance. Additionally, they receive comprehensive reports on the upcoming opponent. An adept Assistant significantly eases the burden of preparing for a challenging derby match.

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  • Scouting Centre – tasked with analyzing the forthcoming opponent, provides insights into their current lineup, formation, team strengths, and vulnerabilities. If you aim to set defensive traps for their most inventive player or adjust your backline strategy based on the opponent, the scouting report offers all the necessary insights.

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  • Data Hub Department – Presents detailed analyses of both team and individual performances. Contributions on the pitch, quantified and visualized through charts, reveal the undeniable truth. The accuracy of these insights hinges on the proficiency of your Head of Data Analysis and their team.

Learn More: FM24 Data Hub: Master Strategic Guide for Football Managers

  • Medical Centre – Offers vital pre-match reports on your team’s physical readiness. This includes levels of fatigue, injury risks, current form, and each player’s capacity for optimal performance duration on the field.

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Mastering Match Plans in FM24 can significantly tilt the strategic balance in your favor. It allows for an unparalleled level of tactical preparation and adaptability.

Experiment with different match plans to discover the most effective strategies for your team.

Remember, in Football Manager, as in football itself, the best managers are those who plan for every eventuality.

Continue refining your tactics and match plans at FMWonderkid for a comprehensive understanding of game management in Football Manager 2024.

Football Manager 24 Match Plan – FAQ

What Are Football Manager Match Plans?

Football Mananger Match Plans are a strategic feature in Football Manager 2024 that allows managers to set pre-defined tactical instructions that automatically adjust based on specific game scenarios. These plans enable managers to react to changing match conditions without pausing the game, ensuring a seamless tactical transition.

How Do I Create a Match Plan in FM24?

To create a match plan in FM24, navigate to the Tactics menu within the game. From there, you can create multiple match plans tailored to various in-match situations, such as leading by a goal, chasing a game, or looking to secure a draw. The process involves selecting tactical adjustments and instructions that are activated based on the scoreline and time remaining.

Can I Download and Share FM24 Match Plans?

Yes, FM24 allows managers to download and share match plans with the community. This feature encourages the exchange of successful strategies and tactics, fostering a collaborative environment where managers can learn from each other and experiment with different approaches to game management.

Are There Any Limitations to Using FM24 Match Plans?

While match plans offer significant tactical flexibility, they require careful preparation and understanding of the game’s mechanics. Over-reliance on automated instructions without adapting to the live match context can sometimes lead to suboptimal outcomes. Managers are encouraged to monitor match progress and make manual adjustments as needed to complement their match plans.

Why Should I Use Match Plans in FM24?

Using match plans in FM24 enhances your game management by allowing you to plan for various scenarios before they happen, making your tactical approach more dynamic and responsive. It saves time, improves decision-making, and gives you a competitive edge, turning potential defeats into draws or wins through proactive tactical adjustments.


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