FM24 Worst Players to Sign: A Comprehensive Shortlist + Guide

FM24 Players to Avoid Singing Shortlist

Navigating the complex world of Football Manager 2024 requires a keen eye for talent, an understanding of team dynamics, and a strategy to avoid common pitfalls.

One such pitfall is the signing of players who may look good on paper but bring a host of issues, such as injury proneness and lack of consistency.

This guide focuses on helping you steer clear of these potential missteps, ensuring your team’s success both on and off the pitch.


Football Manager 2024 is more than just a game; it’s a test of your managerial skills, strategy, and foresight.

Making the right signings can propel your team to glory, while the wrong ones can lead to a frustrating season. Among the biggest challenges are players who are injury-prone or have a low work rate, impacting team performance and morale.

FM24 Worst Players to SignKey Takeaways

FM24 Worst Players To Sign ShortlistWorst possible signings separated in three tables:Top Rated Players,FM 24 Wonderkids,FM 24 Free Agents
Avoid Injury-Prone PlayersPrioritize players with lower fm24 injury proneness to ensure squad availability.
Work Rate ConsiderationsHigh FM24 work rate players contribute more consistently across matches.
Consistency is KeySeek players who perform well regularly, avoiding those with FM24 no consistent players tags.
Scouting for SuccessUse resources like FM Scouting to identify the best talents.
Strategic PlanningAdapt your strategy using FM24 Tactics Board Formation Styles.
Wonderkids vs. BargainsBalance your squad with FM24 Wonderkids and FM Bargains for long-term success.

FM24 Worst Players To Sign Ultimate Shortlist

FM24 Top Players To Avoid Shortlist

Player NameNationalityClubAgeRemarks
Douglas CostaBrazilLA Galaxy32High injury risk with steep wages, consider younger, more reliable wingers.
Raphael VaraneFranceManchester United30Prone to long-term injuries; expensive defensive option.
EvanilsonBrazilFC Porto23Young but with a high risk of injuries; scouting for alternatives is advised.
José GimenezUruguayAtlético de Madrid28A formidable defender but with a risk of missing crucial parts of the season.
Mattia PerinItalyJuventus30Injury-prone goalkeeper; consider investing in more reliable options.
Paulo DybalaArgentinaRoma29Talented but often sidelined; evaluate other attacking midfielders.
RafinhaBrazilAl-Arabi30High wage demand for an injury-prone player; seek alternatives.
Domenico BerardiItalySassuolo28Consider the risk of frequent injuries against his attacking prowess.
Youssouf SabalySenegalReal Betis30Defensive option with injury concerns; better options available.
Anthony MartialFranceManchester United27Forward with potential but significant injury risk.
Callum WilsonEnglandNewcastle31High injury risk; explore younger strikers.
Dani CarvajalSpainReal Madrid31Defensive reliability was questioned due to injury proneness.
Naby KeïtaGuineaWerder Bremen28Midfield talent with a caveat of injuries; weigh your options carefully.
Wesley FofanaFranceChelsea FC22Young with potential but has a history of injuries.
Jerry St. JusteNetherlandsSporting CP26An experienced defender with a notable injury record.
Marco ReusGermanyBorussia Dortmund34Veteran with undeniable skill but high injury risk.
Justin BijlowNetherlandsFeyenoord25Goalkeeper with potential but consider his injury history.
Dominic Calvert-LewinEnglandEverton26Striker with a high ceiling but marred by injuries.
Chris SmallingEnglandAS Roma33A versatile midfielder with injury woes; evaluate carefully.
ArthurBrazilFiorentina26A midfielder with skill but consider alternatives due to injury concerns.
Ruben Loftus-CheekEnglandAC Milan27Striker with a high ceiling but was marred by injuries.
Danny WelbeckEnglandBrighton & Hove Albion32Forward with experience but significant injury history.
Erik LamelaArgentinaSevilla FC31Skillful winger with a penchant for injuries; look for alternatives.
Stephan El ShaarawyItalyAS Roma30Offers attacking flair but has injury concerns.
Giorgio ChielliniItalyLos Angeles FC38Veteran leader with declining physicals and injury risk.
Philippe CoutinhoBrazilAl-Duhail31Creative force with high injury risk; costly in wages.
Giovani Lo CelsoArgentinaTottenham Hotspur27Midfield creativity at the risk of frequent injuries.
Leonardo SpinazzolaItalyAS Roma30Fast and skilled but with significant injury history.
Marcos AcuñaArgentinaSevilla FC31Versatile but injury-prone; consider your squad’s needs carefully.
Gonçalo GuedesPortugalSL Benfica26Attacking talent with a caveat of injuries.
Miralem PjanićBosnia & HerzegovinaSharjah33Experienced midfielder with a risk of injuries; high wages.
Iván MarcanoSpainFC Porto36Seasoned defender with a high injury risk; consider age and alternatives.
FM24 Worst Players to Sign Shortlist – Experienced Top Players

FM24 Wonderkids to Avoid Signing

Player NameNationalityClubAgeRole in TeamPotential Insight
Faustino AnjorinEnglandPortsmouth FC21Versatile MidfielderShows promise in midfield; could be a star in lower leagues or as a developmental project in top divisions.
Kaio JorgeBrazilFrosinone21ForwardNoted for goal-scoring ability; a player to watch for growth in the game.
Filip StankovićSerbiaUC Sampdoria21GoalkeeperA significant potential as a long-term investment between the sticks.
Dennis CollanderSwedenHammarby IF21MidfielderGreat potential; keep an eye on his development.
Fodé FofanaNetherlandsVitesse20AttackerKnown for speed and agility; a promising addition to any front line.
Noni MaduekeEnglandChelsea FC21WingerHigh ceiling; could shine in the Premier League or on loan to gain experience.
Amourricho van Axel DongenNetherlandsAFC Ajax18WingerAn exciting prospect; his development at Ajax could make him a sought-after talent.
FM24 Worst Players to Sign Shortlist – FM24 Wonderkids Shortlist

FM24 Free Agents To Avoid Signing

Player NameNationalityAgeWarning
Sergio AsenjoSpain34High injury risk; could affect goalkeeping stability.
Javier PastoreArgentina34Talented midfielder but prone to missing games due to injuries.
Óscar UstariArgentina37Veteran goalkeeper with a high risk of injuries; consider younger options.
Iago FalquéSpain33Winger with skill but a concerning injury history.
Marko MihojevićBosnia & Herzegovina27Centre-back with potential but injury concerns; caution advised.
Aleksandar IgnjovskiSerbia32Versatile player but with a notable risk of injuries.
Luke AmosEngland26Midfielder with potential; injuries could limit development.
Bakary SakoMali35Experienced forward but with a significant injury history.
Karim BellarabiGermany33Fast and skilled winger; however, injuries could sideline his contributions.
Mickaël FacchinettiSwitzerland32Defender with a history of injuries; consider the risk.
Christopher AvevorGermany31Solid in defense but injury proneness is a concern.
Scott DannEngland36Veteran defender; injuries and age suggest looking for younger alternatives.
Wilfred BonyCote D’Ivoire34Powerful striker but injury record could impact effectiveness.
Tiago IloriPortugal30Centre-back with potential; however, injury history is troubling.
Jean-Christophe BahebeckFrance30Forward with pace and skill but hampered by injuries.
Jozy AltidoreUnited States34Experienced striker; injury concerns may limit playtime and impact.
FM24 Worst Players to Sign Shortlist – Free Agents

The Pitfalls of Signing Injury-Prone Players

FM24 Worst Players To Sign Shortlist 1
FM24 Worst Players to Sign Shortlist

The FM24 injury-prone tag is a significant red flag when signing new players. Injury-prone football players can miss crucial parts of the season, affecting team performance and dynamics. Understanding the FM24 injury proneness scale is crucial to minimizing this risk.

Worst injuries in football managers not only sideline players for extended periods but also reduce their overall contribution to the team. It’s essential to scrutinize a player’s injury history and the football manager injury injury-prone rating before making a decision.

Work Rate and Consistency: The Hidden Gems of Football Manager 24

Football Manager 24 work rate is a critical attribute that often goes overlooked. Players with a high work rate contribute more on the field, influencing both defense and attack.

On the other hand, FM24 no consistent players can be a liability, offering stellar performances one day and disappearing the next. Consistency in player performance is key to a successful season.

Important Football Manager Knowledge:

Scouting and Resources: Your Best Defense Against Poor Signings

Effective scouting is your best tool in avoiding poor signings. FM24 Scouting Setup Instructions provide a blueprint for identifying the right talent for your team.

Additionally, tools like FM24 Genie Scout Free Download offer in-depth insights into player attributes, including hidden gems and potential red flags.

Learn More:

Identifying Red Flags: Injury Proneness and Low-Performance

Football Manager 24 injury proneness players pose a significant risk to team consistency and success. It’s crucial to identify these players early in the scouting process to avoid costly mistakes.

The question of what is the most injury-prone position in football manager? often depends on the physical demands of the role, with defenders and midfielders typically at higher risk due to the nature of their positions.

Alternatives to Risky Signings

Choosing the right players is about balance. Opting for Football Manager 24 Wonderkids can provide long-term benefits, while FM 24 Bargains are ideal for immediate impact without the high cost.

Balancing your squad with a mix of youth and experience, and prioritizing consistency and durability, can lead to sustained success.

Learn More:


Avoiding the FM24 Worst Players to Sign from these shortlists is crucial for any manager aiming for success in Football Manager 2024.

By focusing on players with high work rates, consistent performance, and minimal injury risks, you can build a squad capable of achieving your season’s goals.

FAQ – FM24 Worst Players to Sign

Q: How can I minimize the risk of signing injury-prone players?

A: Focus on players with a low fm24 injury proneness score and consider their injury history.

Q: What attributes should I prioritize for a high-performing team?

A: Prioritize players with high FM24 work rate and consistency to ensure team performance remains high across the season.


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