Football Tactics Board and Tactical Playing Styles

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FM Wonderkid Guide: Mastering Football Tactics Board in FM23 with Tactical Playing Styles

How to Be a Goat on Football Tactics Board?

Welcome to FM Wonderkid’s comprehensive guide on football tactics in FM23, where we delve into the intricacies of tactical playing styles. In Football Manager 23 (FM23), your football tactics board approach is crucial to achieving success on the virtual pitch. By understanding the nuances of football tactics board, formations, and player roles, you can outsmart your opponents and lead your team to glory. In this guide, we’ll explore various tactical playing styles that can be implemented using the football tactics board in FM23, helping you create a winning strategy for your team.

The Football Tactics Board:

The football tactics board in FM23 is a powerful tool that allows you to design, modify, and visualize your team’s tactical setup. Whether you prefer a possession-based style, a high-pressing game, or a counter-attacking approach, the tactics board enables you to implement your vision effectively. Drag and drop players into their positions, adjust player roles, team instructions, and set pieces to mold your tactics precisely to your liking.

Understanding FM23 Tactics

In Football Manager 23, tactics have evolved, offering more depth and realism than ever before. FM23 introduces new features that impact how you approach your tactical setup, such as the impact of individual player attributes, improved AI decision-making, and enhanced tactical fluidity. It’s essential to understand these changes to maximize your team’s potential and adapt to different scenarios during matches.

Tactical Playing Styles:

Possession-Based Tiki-Taka

The Tiki-Taka, former Guardiola’s favourite tactical style is renowned for its focus on quick, short passing sequences and maintaining possession. In FM23, this tactical style can be particularly effective with technically gifted players who excel at passing, dribbling, and decision-making. We’ll discuss the key player roles and instructions to implement Tiki-Taka successfully and control games.


Gegenpressing, made famous by Jurgen Klopp’s teams, is an intense high-pressing style that aims to win the ball back quickly after losing it. FM23 introduces enhanced AI for opposition managers, making Gegenpressing a challenging yet rewarding tactic. We’ll explore how to set up the pressing traps, assign player roles, and adapt this tactic based on your team’s strengths.


The Counter-Attacking style relies on absorbing pressure and then quickly launching attacks when the opponent is vulnerable. FM23’s improved tactical fluidity allows for seamless transitions, making Counter-Attacking an exciting option. Discover the ideal player roles, formation, and instructions to execute lethal counter-attacks.

Tactic Combinations

Mastering the football tactics board in FM23 involves adapting to different opponents and game situations. We’ll discuss how to blend different tactical styles, switch formations during a match, and create hybrid tactics that surprise your adversaries while maintaining your team’s identity.

Analyzing Opposition on Football Tactics Board:

In FM23, your tactical acumen is tested not only by devising your own strategies but also by analyzing and countering the tactics used by your opponents. We’ll explore methods to study the opposition’s playing styles, identify weaknesses, and adjust your tactics accordingly to gain a competitive advantage.

Football Tactics Board: Fine-Tuning Your Strategy

Utilizing the football tactics board effectively can make all the difference between victory and defeat in FM23. Once you have chosen your preferred tactical playing style, it’s time to dive deeper into fine-tuning your strategy using the various features available on the board.

a. Player Roles and Instructions

Assigning the right FM roles and football player positions is crucial for executing your tactics successfully. Each position on the tactics board allows you to choose from a variety of roles, such as “playmaker,” “target man,” “ball-winning midfielder,” and many more. Understanding each role’s responsibilities and how they fit into your overall tactic is vital.

Moreover, FM23 offers detailed player instructions that allow you to dictate how each player behaves on the pitch. These instructions can range from specific movements like “tackle harder” or “stay wider” to tactical aspects like “pass into space” or “shoot less often.” Fine-tuning these instructions will help optimize your players’ performance within your chosen tactic.

b. Set Pieces

Set pieces can be game-changers in FM23. From corner kicks and free-kicks to throw-ins and penalties, mastering set-piece routines on the football tactics board can give you an edge over your opponents. Experiment with different routines for attacking and defending set pieces to create goal-scoring opportunities and minimize defensive vulnerabilities.

c. Tactical In-Game Adjustments

During matches, it’s crucial to stay adaptable and make in-game adjustments using the tactics board. Observe how your opponents are countering your tactics and react accordingly. You can change formations, player roles, and instructions on the fly to exploit weaknesses or neutralize threats. Being proactive with tactical adjustments can swing the momentum of the game in your favor.

d. Squad Depth and Rotation

Having a well-rounded squad is essential to implement various tactical approaches effectively. The football tactics board is not only useful for your starting XI but also for evaluating your squad’s overall strength. Rotate players strategically to keep them fresh and tailor your tactics to different competitions, opponent strengths, and player fitness levels.

Tactical Training

To execute your chosen tactics with precision, training plays a vital role. Utilize the training module in FM23 to focus on specific tactical aspects. Train your players in the roles and instructions that align with your tactics, and observe improvements in their tactical understanding and execution on the pitch.

Match Analysis

After each match, review the tactical performance of your team using the match analysis tools. Analyzing key statistics and match events will provide insights into the effectiveness of your tactics. Use this information to identify areas for improvement and further refine your strategies on the football tactics board.

FAQ About Football Tactics Board

Basic QA
1. How can I excel on the Football Tactics Board?Explore FM Wonderkid’s guide to unravel tactical intricacies in FM23.
2. What is the significance of the Football Tactics Board?The tactics board empowers you to design, modify, and visualize your team’s tactical setup in FM23.
3. What should I know about FM23 tactics?FM23 introduces enhanced AI, player attributes, and tactical fluidity, affecting your approach and adaptability.
4. What is the Tiki-Taka style?Discover the quick, short-passing, possession-based style and how to execute it with skilled players.
5. How does Gegenpressing work in FM23?Learn about the high-pressing style, setting pressing traps, and adapting it to your team’s strengths.
6. How can I master Counter-Attacking in FM23?Dive into the counter-attacking strategy, leveraging FM23’s tactical fluidity for seamless transitions.
7. How can I combine different tactical styles?Unveil the art of blending tactics, switching formations, and surprising opponents while maintaining your team’s identity.
8. How do I analyze opposition tactics on the board?Learn how to study opponent tactics, identify weaknesses, and adjust your strategy for a competitive edge.
9. How can I fine-tune my strategy on the tactics board?Explore player roles, instructions, set pieces, in-game adjustments, and squad rotation to optimize your tactical approach.
10. What role does tactical training play?Understand how tactical training refines your players’ understanding and execution of your chosen tactics.
11. How can match analysis enhance my tactics?Discover how post-match analysis provides insights to refine and enhance your tactical strategies.
12. How can I master FM23 tactics?FM Wonderkid’s guide equips you with tactical wisdom, empowering you to guide your team to glory in FM23.
Fm Tactics Board


Mastering football tactics in FM23 requires a combination of strategic planning, adaptation, and precise execution. The football tactics board serves as your canvas, allowing you to paint a tactical masterpiece and guide your team to glory. Embrace the challenge, experiment with different playing styles, and watch as your managerial prowess leads your team to success in Football Manager 23. Good luck on your journey to becoming a tactical genius!

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