FM 24 Inverted Full Back, Wing Back & Winger Roles: Expert Explication

FM 24 Inverted Full Back, Wing Back Winger

Introduction to the Inverted Full Back, Wing Back & Winger Role in FM 24

Understanding the Evolution of the Role in Modern Football

The Inverted full-back role in Football Manager 2024 (FM24) represents a significant evolution in modern football tactics. This role blends traditional defensive responsibilities with advanced playmaking abilities, marking a shift from conventional positions. In real-world football, this role has been increasingly adopted by top teams seeking tactical flexibility and innovation.

Comparing Traditional Full backs with FM 24 Inverted Full backs

Unlike traditional full-back whose primary role is to guard the flanks, FM 24 Inverted Full Back in FM24 moves inward toward the midfield when in possession. This strategic positioning allows them to contribute effectively to both defensive stability and attacking creativity, a dual aspect that has become pivotal in modern football strategies.

FM 24 Inverted Full Backs vs Traditional “Run Wide” Full Backs:

AspectTraditional Full backFM 24 Inverted Full back
Primary RoleDefensive, flank protectionDual role: Defense and Midfield support
PositioningStays wide on the flankMoves inward towards midfield
ContributionLimited to defense and wide playBalances defense with creative midfield play
FM 24 Inverted Full-back, Wing-Back, Winger

Football Manager 2024 Tactics

Key Attributes for an Inverted Full back in FM24

Defensive Skills: Tackling, Marking, Positioning

For an FM 24 Inverted fullback, defensive skills remain crucial. Essential attributes include tackling, marking, and positioning, ensuring they can safeguard the team’s defensive flank effectively.

Midfield Qualities: Passing, Vision, Movement

Beyond defense, an Inverted full-back must exhibit midfielder-like qualities. Attributes such as passing accuracy, vision, and intelligent movement are vital to transition smoothly between defense and attack, contributing to the team’s overall playmaking efforts.

FM 24 Inverted Full Backs Key Attributes:

TacklingHighEssential for dispossessing opponents
MarkingHighKey for tracking and neutralizing threats
PassingModerateCrucial for initiating attacking plays
VisionModerateEnables seeing and creating play opportunities
MovementModerateImportant for positioning in various phases of the game
Football Manager 24 Inverted Full back, Wing Back, Winger

FM Player Roles

FM 24 Inverted Full Back – Tactical Implementation

Defensive Structure: Balancing Back Three and Back Four Formations

Implementing the Inverted Full-back role in FM24 requires a nuanced approach to your team’s defensive structure. Whether you opt for a back three or back four, the Inverted full-back plays a pivotal role in providing both defensive solidity and flexibility. In a back three, they act as a pseudo-center-back; in a back four, they offer an additional midfield option.

Attacking Dynamics: Creating Overloads and Maintaining Possession

In attack, the Inverted fullback’s role is transformative. By drifting into the midfield, they create overloads, offering numerical superiority. This tactic not only facilitates ball retention but also opens up channels for creative attacking plays, making your team unpredictable and dynamic.

Transition Play: Versatility During Offensive and Defensive Phases

One of the critical advantages of the Inverted Full Back is its ability to adapt during transitions. As the game shifts from defense to attack (and vice versa), their role morphs seamlessly, offering additional tactical flexibility. This adaptability is crucial in countering fast-paced opposition attacks or exploiting their defensive gaps.

FM 24 Best Inverted Full Backs, Wing Backs, Wingers Build-Up Play

FM 24 Inverted Full Back, Wing Back, Winger – Tactical Overview:

Tactical AspectDescriptionBenefit
Defensive StructureAdapts between back three and fourFlexibility and solidity
Attacking RoleCreates midfield overloadsEnhanced creativity and possession
Transition PlayFluid role adaptationTactical adaptability
FM 24 Inverted Full Back Tactical Implementation

FM24 Tactics: Play Out of Defense

Identifying Suitable Players for the Inverted Full Back Role

Scouting for Talents: Attributes to Look For

Identifying the right player for the Inverted wingback role in FM24 involves a keen eye for specific attributes. Look for players who not only excel defensively but also possess the technical and mental attributes to thrive in midfield roles. Agility, stamina, and decision-making are as crucial as their defensive skills. There are a lot of fm wonderkids who can be great future investments in inverted full-back, wing-back, or winger roles.

FM Scouting; FM 24 Scouting Handbook

FM 24 Inverted Full Back, Wing Back & Winger Real Life Example Players:

FM 24 Inverted Full Backs
FM 24 Best Inverted Full Backs
FM 24 Best Inverted Full Backs
FM 24 Best Inverted Full Backs
FM 24 Best Inverted Full Backs
FM 24 Best Inverted Full Backs
FM 24 Best Inverted Full Backs
FM 24 Best Inverted Full Backs
FM 24 Best Inverted Full Backs
FM 24 Best Inverted Full Backs

Player Attributes Table

AttributeImportanceIdeal Player Example
Defensive SkillsHighKyle Walker
Technical AbilityTactical PrefferencesJoao Cancelo, TTA
Mental AttributesTactical PreferencesJoshua Kimmich

Football Manager 24 Best Staff Shortlist Download

FM 24 Inverted Full-back, Wing-back & Winger Training and Development

Enhancing Key Attributes Through Training Regimes

In FM24, developing your Inverted Full Back’s skills is crucial. Tailored FM 24 Training Schedule regimes focusing on both defensive and midfield attributes are essential. Emphasize improving their tackling, positioning, as well as passing, and vision, to ensure they excel in this hybrid role.

Tactical Drills for Inverted backs, Wing Backs, Wingers

Implement tactical drills that simulate match scenarios where Inverted Full Backs must transition between defense and midfield. These drills should enhance their decision-making, positioning, and adaptability, key to the demands of this role.

FM 24 Inverted Full Back, Wing Back, Winger – Training Focus:

Skill AreaTraining FocusDesired Outcome
DefenseTackling, PositioningEnhanced defensive capabilities
MidfieldPassing, VisionImproved playmaking skills
TransitionDecision-making, AdaptabilityBetter game reading and flexibility

FM24 Formation 3-4-1-2 Tactics Guide

Integrating Inverted Full Backs, Wing Backs & Wingers into Team Formation

Case Study: Successful Implementation in Top Clubs

Real-world clubs like Manchester City have successfully integrated Inverted Wing Backs – Full Backs into their tactical setups. Analyzing these case studies in FM24 can provide valuable insights into effectively utilizing this role.

Adjusting Team Instructions to Maximize Efficiency

In FM24, it’s crucial to align team instructions with the strengths of your Inverted Full Backs. This might involve adjusting your team’s defensive width, pressing intensity, or passing style to leverage the unique capabilities of the Inverted Wing Back or Winger.

Tactical Adjustment Table 

Team InstructionAdjustmentPurpose
Defensive WidthNarrow/WideTo align with Inverted Full Back’s positioning
Pressing IntensityHigh/ModerateTo complement their defensive and midfield roles
Passing StyleShort/DirectTo utilize their playmaking abilities

FM24 Marcelo Bielsa 4-1-4-1 Tactics

Challenges and Solutions

Addressing Common Issues Faced by Inverted Full Backs

In FM 24 Inverted Full Back, Wing Back, or Winger can face challenges such as being caught out of position or struggling against fast wingers. It’s essential to identify these issues early and address them through tactical adjustments or targeted training.

Strategies to Overcome Tactical Weaknesses

To mitigate these challenges, consider tweaking your team’s defensive strategy, like adjusting the defensive line or instructing midfielders to cover when your Inverted backs, wing backs, and wingers push forward. Tailored training sessions focusing on positional awareness and stamina can also help.


Challenge                 Strategy                     Effect                                       
Positional Errors         Adjust Defensive Line         Improved defensive stability               
Vulnerability to Pace     Midfielder Cover             Enhanced team balance against fast attacks   
Fatigue                   Stamina Training             Increased endurance in matches             

Category: Football Tactics Board 

Future of the Inverted Full back, Wing Back, or Winger

Predictions on the Evolution of the Role

The Inverted Full Back role in FM24 and beyond is likely to evolve further, with an increased emphasis on versatility and tactical intelligence. As football tactics continue to innovate, this role could become even more integral to modern strategies.

Potential Impact on Football Tactics

The influence of the Inverted Full Back could lead to more fluid, dynamic team formations, and tactical setups. This evolution might pave the way for new types of player roles and tactical approaches in future editions of Football Manager and real-world football.

Future Trends Table 

TrendPotential ImpactReason
Increased VersatilityMore dynamic playNeed for adaptable players
Tactical InnovationNew player rolesEvolution of football strategies
Enhanced IntelligenceSmarter gameplayEmphasis on tactical awareness

FM24 Best Clubs to Manage

Conclusion: The Future of the Inverted Full Back Role

The Inverted full-back role in Football Manager 2024 offers a unique blend of defensive strength and creative playmaking, reflecting the evolving nature of modern football. By understanding its nuances, strategically integrating it into your team, and continually developing your players’ skills, you can harness this role’s full potential. As football continues to innovate, the Inverted full-back will undoubtedly remain a key element in the tactical arsenal of successful managers in FM24 and beyond.

Inverted Full Backs, Wingbacks, Wingers FAQs

What is an Inverted back in Football Manager 2024?

An Inverted full-back in FM24 is a tactical role that combines the defensive responsibilities of a traditional full-back with the ability to contribute to build-up play and support attacking movements, often moving inward toward the midfield in possession.

What are the key attributes of an Inverted Fullback in FM24?

Key attributes include tackling, marking, positioning for defense, passing, vision, and movement for midfield contribution. These skills ensure the player can effectively fulfill both defensive and attacking responsibilities.

How do I effectively implement Inverted Fullbacks in FM24 tactics?

Effective implementation involves adjusting your defensive structure to accommodate the role, utilizing the Inverted Fullback’s ability to support attacks and create overloads, and adapting quickly during transitional phases of play.

Can you provide examples of real-world players who excel in the FM 24 Inverted Full back role?

Joshua Kimmich
Trent-Alexander Arnold
Joao Cancelo
Kyle Walker
Rafael Guerrero
Joško Gvardiol
Oleksandr Zinchenko

What are common challenges faced by FM 24 Inverted Full backs and how can they be overcome?

Common challenges include positional errors and vulnerability to fast-wingers. These can be mitigated through tactical adjustments like modifying the defensive line and instructing midfielders to cover, as well as focused training on positional awareness and stamina.

How is the FM 24 Inverted Full back role expected to evolve in future football tactics?

The role is expected to evolve with increased emphasis on versatility and tactical intelligence. This could lead to more fluid and dynamic team formations, new player roles, and innovative tactical approaches in both Football Manager and real-world football.


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