FM24 Marcelo Bielsa’s Tactical Blueprint: EL Loco’s 4-1-4-1! Guide + Download

FM24 Marcelo Bielsa Football Tactics Board

FM24 Marcelo Bielsa Tactics – Key Takeaways

Formation UnderstandingComprehend the nuances of the 4-1-4-1 formation in FM24.
Tactical DeploymentLearn tactical applications for defensive solidity, fluid attacking, and quick transitions.
Training AlignmentTraining schedules tailored to enhance formation familiarity and role specialization.
Downloadable ResourcesAccess custom 4-1-4-1 tactics, training schedules, player shortlists, and set piece routines.
FM24 Marcelo Bielsa 4-1-4-1 Football Tactics Board

I. Marcelo Bielsa Tactics in FM24 – Reveal

In the world of Football Manager 2024 (FM24), mastering formations is key to success. The 4-1-4-1 formation is particularly notable for its versatility and balance. Drawing inspiration from FM24 Marcelo Bielsa tactics, this article serves as a comprehensive guide to effectively implementing this formation, with a focus on enhancing your managerial skills in FM24.

II. Tactical Analysis of 4-1-4-1 Formation

FM24 Marcelo Bielsa Football Tactics Board

A. Defensive Solidity and High Press

This FM24 formation is renowned for its defensive strength. Its high press system makes it difficult for opponents to build up play.

Defensive FeatureBenefit
High PressDisrupts opponent’s build-up play.
Compact ShapeReduces space for opposition attackers.
FM24 Marcelo Bielsa Football Tactics Board Instructions

B. Fluidity and Flexibility

Fluidity and flexibility are the hallmarks of the 4-1-4-1, allowing for adaptability in various match situations.

C. Team Familiarity and Intensity

Team familiarity with the formation, cultivated through the football manager tactics board, is essential for optimal performance in FM24.

III. Player Roles and Responsibilities

A. Goalkeeper (SK-De)

The Sweeper Keeper is critical, acting as the first point of attack and a last line of defense.

B. Defenders (FB-At, BPD-De)

Full Backs and Ball-Playing Defenders are key in transitioning from defense to attack.

C. Midfield Dynamics

A mix of roles like Deep-Lying Playmaker, Box-to-Box, Advanced Playmaker, and Inverted Winger contribute to the team’s dynamism.

D. Striker (PF-Su)

The Pressing Forward’s role in initiating high press and disrupting defense is vital.

IV. Attacking Strategies

FM24 Marcelo Bielsa 4-1-4-1 Football Manager Tactics Download

A. Exploiting Wings

Inverted Wingers and Fullbacks play a crucial role in attacking plays, especially in stretching the opponent’s defense.

B. Central Playmaking

The Advanced Playmaker serves as the creative hub, dictating the play’s tempo and direction.

C. Attacking Mentality

Adopting a higher tempo and attacking mentality are key strategies for overwhelming opponents.

V. Transition Play

FM24 Marcelo Bielsa Football Manager 2024 Tactics Download

A. Counter-Press and Counter-Attack

Effective transition from defense to attack defines the success of the 4-1-4-1 formation.

B. Quick Short Kicks

Essential for maintaining possession and launching fast attacks.

C. Managing Team Fluidity

Maintaining fluidity during transitions is key to the success of this formation in FM24.

VI. Defensive Tactics

FM24 Marcelo BIelsa Football Manager 2024 Tactics Download

A. Higher Defensive Line

Implementing a higher defensive line helps in maintaining constant pressure on the opponent.

B. Pressing Strategies

Customized pressing strategies in FM24 are crucial for this formation’s success.

C. Preventing Short Goalkeeper Distribution

Disrupting the opponent’s play from their goalkeeper provides a tactical advantage.

VII. Player Selection and Team Chemistry

A. Choosing the Right Players

Selecting players suited for each role is essential for the formation’s success.

B. Building a Cohesive Unit

Team chemistry significantly impacts overall performance and effectiveness.

C. Team Familiarity

Understanding and analyzing team familiarity aids in better tactical preparation.

VIII. Set Pieces Configuration

Leveraging set pieces in FM24 4-1-4-1 formation can significantly impact the game’s outcome, both defensively and offensively.

IX. Match Preparation and Adjustments

Understanding your opponent and making in-game adjustments based on player performance and match dynamics is crucial.

X. Training and Development

A. Training Schedules

Specialized Football Manager training schedules are critical for enhancing familiarity with the 4-1-4-1 formation.

B. Individual Training

Focused training for players in specific roles within the formation.

C. Developing Young Talent

Nurturing young players to fit into and thrive in the 4-1-4-1 system.

XI. Download Section + Instalation and Setup Instructions

Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing Downloaded FM Tactics

  1. Download the Tactic File:
    • Firstly, download the tactic file you wish to implement. Ensure it’s compatible with FM24.
  2. Locate the Downloaded File:
    • The file will typically be in a .fmf format and can be found in your ‘Downloads’ folder or the location you chose to save it.
  3. Move the File to the Tactics Folder:
    • Navigate to the Football Manager tactics folder. This is usually located in Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2024/tactics. If the tactics folder doesn’t exist, you can create it.
  4. Launch Football Manager 2024:
    • Start FM24 and load your game save.
  5. Access Tactics Screen:
    • Go to the ‘Tactics’ section from the game’s main menu.
  6. Import the Tactic:
    • Look for an option called ‘Tactic’ or ‘Import’ in the tactics screen. This is usually found as a dropdown or a button in the tactics menu.
  7. Select Your Downloaded Tactic:
    • Navigate to the folder where you moved the .fmf file and select it.
  8. Load and Apply the Tactic:
    • Once selected, the tactic will load. You can then apply it to your team.
  9. Adjust Players and Roles:
    • Make sure your squad fits well with the new tactic. Adjust player roles and positions as necessary to match the tactic’s requirements.
  10. Analyse and Tweak if Necessary:
  • After applying the tactic, observe how your team performs. Feel free to make adjustments to better suit your players or to counter specific opponents.


  • Backup Original Tactics: Before importing new tactics, consider saving your current tactics as a backup.
  • Understand the Tactic: Take some time to understand the specifics of Bielsa’s 4-1-4-1 or any tactic you download. Knowing its strengths and weaknesses can help in tweaking it to better suit your team.
  • Player Adaptation: Remember that players may take time to adapt to a new tactical system. Be patient and give them time to adjust.

By following these steps, you can effectively implement and utilize downloaded tactics in FM24, potentially enhancing your gameplay experience and success.

XII. Conclusion

Football Tactics Board - Footall Manager 2024

The 4-1-4-1 formation in FM24 offers a dynamic approach to football management. Adaptation and experimentation are key to mastering this versatile formation.

XII. Additional Resources

For more insights and resources, visit FM Wonderkid.

This comprehensive guide, coupled with the downloadable resources, equips you with everything you need to excel in Football Manager 2024 using the 4-1-4-1 formation. Embrace the challenge and become a master tactician!


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