Football Manager 24 Best Staff for Long-Term Success & Glory Shortlist Download

Football Manager 24 Best Staff Shortlist

Overview of Coaching Staff in FM24

In the universe of Football Manager 2024, the quality of your coaching staff is as crucial as the players on the field. The right staff can revolutionize your team’s performance, impacting everything from tactics to player development. This guide dives deep into the art of selecting the best coaching staff for your FM24 team, ensuring that every role, from assistant managers to scouts, is filled with top-tier talent.

Significance in the Game and Impact on Team’s Performance

Your coaching staff in FM24 are the unsung heroes behind your team’s success. They shape your players’ skills, refine your tactics, and provide the strategic edge you need to outperform your competitors. Understanding their roles and selecting the best is essential for any aspiring FM24 manager.

Understanding the Role of Coaching Staff in FM24

Different Coaching RolesChoose Football Manager 24 Best Staff

In FM24, the coaching staff encompasses a range of roles, each contributing uniquely to your team’s success. Assistant managers, coaches, scouts, physios, performance analysts, and more form the backbone of your team’s support system.

For example, there are two types of defending coaches, two experts for attack, two goalkeeper coaches, two fitness trainers, etc…

Of course, a new feature in Football Manager 2024 is set-piece coaches. We will make special focus on them later in the article.

Impact on Team Performance

The coaching staff’s influence extends beyond mere training routines. They’re instrumental in player development, determining team FM tactics, and enhancing overall team performance. This makes selecting the right staff a pivotal part of your FM24 strategy.

Key Roles For Football Manager 24 Best Staff

Assistant ManagersAssist in day-to-day management and strategy planning
Coaches (Tactical, GK, Fitness)Specialized training to improve specific player skills
ScoutsIdentify potential player signings and provide vital data on opponents
PhysiosEnsure player fitness and quick recovery from injuries
Set Piece CoachesTaking care of developing all set pieces in the game. Training and set piece tactics instructions.
Performance AnalystsAnalyze match data to refine tactics and training
Sports ScientistsEnhance player conditioning and prevent injuries
Recruitment AnalystsIdentify staff candidates and assist in scouting
Head of Youth DevelopmentNurture young talent and oversee youth team
Director of FootballManage football operations and strategy
Technical DirectorOversee club’s technical direction and strategy
Loan ManagerManage loaned players and oversee their development

Understanding the different roles of your coaching staff is vital for building a successful team in FM24.

Identifying the Best Coaching Staff

Identifying the best coaching staff in FM24 requires a keen understanding of various attributes. Attributes like Judging Player Ability, Tactical Knowledge, Technique, Attack, Defensive coaching, etc… are critical in determining a staff member’s effectiveness.

Community Insights

Insights from the FM24 community suggest a strategic approach to finding the best coaching staff. This involves looking at their current skills and also considering their potential to grow and adapt within your team’s specific context.

Football Manager 24 Best Staff Assigments

Recruiting the right staff is a game-changer in FM24, impacting your team’s development and success. Continuing from where we left off, we’ll delve into the specific coaching roles and the best picks for each, guided by the insights from FMWonderkid.com’s “Football Manager 24 Best Staff”

Top Picks for Different Coaching Roles

Expanding our focus, let’s explore the top picks for every staff role in FM24, drawing from the comprehensive Football Manager Wonderkid Best Staff Shortlist.

Assistant Coaches

Football Manager 24 Best Staff - Assistant Coach

Look for candidates with Tactics, People Management, Judging Player Ability, and Potential all 13 or higher. They are your strategy partners and crucial in player management.


Including Tactical, GK, Fitness, and Set Piece coaches. Key attributes are Coaching (12+), Determination (12+), Discipline (12+), and Motivating (12+)…

Each coach specializes in different aspects of player training.
For example, these two coaches are different in their football coaching expertise.

Football Manager 24 Best Staff - Defending
Football Manager 24 Best Staff – Defending Tactical Coach Attributes
Football Manager 24 Best Staff - Attack Technical
Football Manager 24 Best Staff – Attack Technical Coach Attributes

Best Specialist Coaches in Football Manager 2024 Shortlists for download:

Set Piece Coaches

The new Set Piece coach role in FM24 requires specialized skills. Attributes such as Coaching, Determination, Discipline, and Motivating, all with scores of 12 or higher, are recommended. They play a crucial role in defining your team’s success in set-piece scenarios.

Football Manager 24 Best Staff - Set Piece Coach


Critical for identifying talent with Judging Player Ability, Player Potential, and Adaptability all 15 or higher. They are the eyes and ears for new signings and opposition analysis. For once again Overmars, we know, he is a true legend.

Football Manager 24 Best Staff - Scout


Essential for player fitness and recovery, look for Physiotherapy (14+), Motivating (14+), and Discipline (14+).

Football Manager 24 Best Staff - Physio

Performance Analysts

They need analyze data and Tactical Knowledge, both 14 or higher, providing valuable insights for tactical decisions.

Football Manager 24 Best Staff - Performance Analyst

Sports Scientists

Focus on Sports Science (16+), enhancing player conditioning and injury prevention.

Football Manager 24 Best Staff - Sports Scientist

Recruitment Analysts

Key attributes are Analysing Data (14+) and Judging Player Ability (14+), which are vital for identifying staff and player recruitment opportunities.

Football Manager 24 Best Staff - Recruitment Analyst

Head of Youth Development

Look for Working with Youngsters (16+), Judging Player Ability (16+), and Potential (16+), crucial for nurturing young talents.

Football Manager 24 Best Staff - Head of Youth Development

General Manager – Director of Football

They should excel in Judging Player Ability and Potential (15+), and Negotiating (15+), overseeing football operations and strategy.

Football Manager 24 Best Staff General Manager

Technical Director

Focus on Judging Staff Ability (14+) and Negotiating (14+), managing the club’s technical direction.

Football Manager 24 Best Staff - Technical Director

Loan Manager

Key attributes include Analysing Data (10+), Judging Player Ability (10+), and Potential (10+), overseeing the development of loaned players.

Football Manager 24 Best Staff Loan Manager

Table: Criteria for Selecting Top Coaching Staff

Staff RoleKey AttributesMinimum Score
Assistant ManagersPeople Management, Judging Player Ability/Potential13
Coaches (Tactical, GK, Fitness)Coaching, Determination, Discipline, Motivating12
Set Piece CoachesCoaching, Determination, Discipline, Motivating12
ScoutsJudging Player Ability, Player Potential, Adaptability15
PhysiosPhysiotherapy, Motivating, Discipline14
Performance AnalystsAnalysing Data, Tactical Knowledge14
Sports ScientistsSports Science16
Recruitment AnalystsAnalysing Data, Judging Player Ability14
Head of Youth DevelopmentWorking with Youngsters, Judging Player Ability/Potential16
Director of FootballJudging Player Ability/Potential, Negotiating15
Technical DirectorJudging Staff Ability, Negotiating14
Loan ManagerAnalysing Data, Judging Player Ability/Potential10
Key Attributes for FM 24 Best Staff

By focusing on these criteria, you can build an exceptional backroom team, tailored to your club’s needs in FM24. Utilizing FM24 Staff Search Filters can further streamline this process.

Finding the perfect match for each role is crucial, and the Football Manager 24 Best Staff Search Filters can significantly aid in this process.

Football Manager 24 Best Staff Shortlist Filter
Football Manager 24 Best Staff Search Filter

Football Manager 24 Best Staff Shortlist Download

Utilizing Shortlists for Staff Recruitment

How to Use Shortlists

The FM24 Best Staff Shortlists make it easy to recruit top staff. By separating shortlists for each role, it streamlines the process of finding the best candidates for your team.

Importing and Utilizing Shortlists

To import these shortlists into your game:

  1. Download and unpack the files.
  2. Move them to the \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2024\shortlists directory.
  3. Load FM24 and go to Staff > Staff Shortlist.
  4. Use the Import Shortlist option under the GEAR icon.

Using these shortlists, like the FM24 Staff Shortlist Download, can be a game-changer in building your dream team.

Football Manager 24 Best Staff – Impact on Long-term Success

Strategies for Team Building

Creating a balanced coaching team covering training, tactics, player development, and scouting is essential. The goal is to complement your managerial style and strengthen your squad’s weak points.

Building a Strong Coaching Team

A well-rounded coaching team is the foundation of your team’s long-term success in FM24. They not only contribute to immediate victories but also to the overall growth and development of your players and strategies.

Building a strong coaching team is key to achieving long-term success in Football Manager 2024. Continuing with the final sections of the article, we’ll focus on the importance of training and development, followed by a concluding summary.

Training and Development

Role in Player Development

Your coaching staff in FM24 plays a pivotal role in shaping and developing your players. The right FM24 training schedules, tailored to each player’s needs and potential, can elevate their game to new heights. This is where your staff’s expertise becomes invaluable.

Maximizing Training Effectiveness

To maximize the effectiveness of your training sessions:

  1. Align staff skills with training needs.
  2. Regularly review and adjust training programs.
  3. Utilize staff feedback to identify areas for improvement.
  4. Pay attention to pre-season training schedules.

Effective training under skilled staff is a cornerstone of success in FM24, significantly boosting player development and team performance.


Recap and Importance

The coaching staff in Football Manager 2024 are more than just support; they are integral to the success of your team. From tactical advice to player development, their impact is profound and far-reaching.

Final Thoughts

Investing time and resources into recruiting and developing a top-tier coaching team pays dividends in FM24. Their influence extends throughout the club, from shaping young talents to refining your first team’s strategies. Remember, a strong team behind the scenes is as crucial as the players on the pitch.

For more insights and guides on FM24, explore our comprehensive Football Manager Guides.

Frequently Asked Questions About FM24 Coaching Staff

Q1: How do I choose the best coaching staff in Football Manager 2024?
A1: Select staff based on their attributes relevant to their roles, like Judging Player Ability for Scouts and Tactical Knowledge for Coaches. Utilize the FM24 Best Staff Shortlists for guidance.

Q2: What impact does the coaching staff have in FM24?
A2: Coaching staff impacts player development, team tactics, and overall performance. They play a key role in training, scouting, and strategic planning.

Q3: How can I import the FM24 Best Staff Shortlists into my game?
A3: Download the shortlists, unpack them, and move them to your FM24 shortlists directory. Then, import them into your game through the Staff Shortlist section.

Q4: What are the key attributes to look for in a good FM24 coach?
A4: Look for high scores in Coaching Attributes, Determination, Level of Discipline, and Motivating. Each coaching role may require specific attributes.

Q5: Can coaching staff in FM24 influence long-term success?
A5: Yes, a well-balanced and skilled coaching team is crucial for long-term success, impacting player growth, team dynamics, and overall club development.

Q6: What new roles are essential in FM24’s coaching staff?
A6: New roles like the Set piece coach are essential in FM24, requiring specialized skills for specific areas of the game.


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