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Football Manager Wonderkids is a popular topic among avid players of the renowned football management simulation game. Wonderkids are young and talented players with great potential in the game, and they often become stars in the virtual world. In this article, we’ll explore and answer the ten most frequently asked questions about FM Wonderkids, providing valuable insights and tips for aspiring managers.

Before diving into the individual articles, let’s take a quick look at the ten most asked questions about Football Manager Wonderkids:

Now, let’s delve into each of these questions and provide comprehensive answers.

What are FM Wonderkids in Game?

In Football Manager, Wonderkids are young players under the age of 21 who possess immense talent and have the potential to become world-class footballers. These players are highly sought after by managers as they offer a long-term solution to building a successful team. To identify Wonderkids, managers can use the in-game scouting system or external scouting tools available online. Additionally, the game provides a “Wonderkid” label to highlight players with exceptional potential.

Scouting for FM Wonderkids

To scout for Wonderkids effectively, managers must pay attention to player attributes, potential ability, and current ability. Using the FM Wonderkid Scouting tool, managers can filter players based on specific criteria, such as age, position, and potential ability. It’s crucial to scout players early, as their asking price and wages are generally lower when they’re young.

Development Strategies

Developing FM Wonderkids requires a careful approach. Young players need regular game time to improve their skills, but they should be eased into the first team gradually to avoid burnout. Managers can also assign them individual training schedules to focus on improving specific attributes. Loaning out Wonderkids to other clubs can be beneficial to gain valuable experience.

How do I scout for FM Wonderkids effectively?

Scouting for Wonderkids in Football Manager is a crucial aspect of building a successful team for the future. Here are some key steps to scout for Wonderkids effectively:

1. Define Your Search Criteria

Before starting your search, identify the positions you want to strengthen and set a specific age range. FM Wonderkids are generally young players under the age of 21, so focus on players in this age group.

2. Utilize the Scouting Center

Football Manager provides a Scouting Center, which is a powerful tool to find players worldwide. Assign scouts to different regions or countries to gather comprehensive reports on potential FM Wonderkids.

3. Filter by Attributes

When scouting, pay close attention to key attributes for the positions you’re targeting. For example, if you need a young striker, look for players with high ratings in finishing, composure, and off the ball.

4. Consider Potential Ability

FM Wonderkids have high potential ability, which means they can significantly improve in the future. Look for players with a high star rating for potential ability to identify true gems.

5. Scout Regularly

Player attributes and potential ability can change over time, so it’s essential to scout regularly and keep track of players’ progress.

Which attributes should I look for in potential FM Wonderkids?

Identifying potential Wonderkids in Football Manager requires a keen eye for player attributes. While the most crucial attributes may vary depending on the player’s position, some universal qualities indicate high potential. Here are the key attributes to look for when scouting potential FM Wonderkids:

1. Technical Skills

Technical skills, such as passing, shooting, dribbling, and first touch, are essential for players in almost any position. Look for young players with high ratings in these areas.

2. Mental Attributes

Players with strong mental attributes, like determination, work rate, composure, and anticipation, tend to develop well and perform better under pressure.

3. Physical Attributes

Pace, acceleration, strength, and stamina are vital physical attributes that can make a significant difference on the pitch.

4. Position-Specific Attributes

Each position requires specific attributes. For example, central defenders should have high ratings in marking and tackling, while wingers benefit from excellent crossing and dribbling abilities.

5. Potential Ability

While current ability is essential, potential ability is what makes a player a true Wonderkid. Look for players with high star ratings for potential ability, indicating they can grow into top-class footballers.

Step 5: What are the best development strategies for Wonderkids?

Developing FM Wonderkids into world-class players requires careful planning and management. Here are some effective development strategies to help Wonderkids reach their full potential:

1. Individual Training Focus

Assign individual training focus to each Wonderkid based on their positions and weaknesses. Focus on improving attributes that align with their roles to maximize their development.

2. Balanced Game Time

Provide Wonderkids with regular game time, but avoid overplaying them to prevent injuries and burnout. Utilize them in matches where they have a high chance of performing well.

3. Loan Spells

Sending Wonderkids on loan to other clubs can be beneficial, especially if they don’t get enough game time in your team. Ensure they join clubs where they are likely to play regularly.

4. Mentoring

Pair young players with experienced and professional teammates to benefit from mentoring. This helps improve their personality traits and accelerates their development.

5. Manage Expectations

Remember that not all Wonderkids will reach their full potential. Manage expectations and be patient with their progress. Some players may take longer to develop than others.

How do Wonderkid ratings progress over time in the game?

In Football Manager, Wonderkid ratings can change significantly over time based on their development and performances. Understanding how player ratings progress is essential for managing a successful team. Here’s a general overview of how Wonderkid ratings evolve in the game:

1. Potential Ability

When you first scout a Wonderkid, you’ll receive a star rating for their potential ability. This rating indicates the highest level they can reach if they develop well.

2. Current Ability

The current ability rating represents a player’s current skill level at the start of the game. This rating will likely change with each new season based on their performances and training.

3. Training and Matches

Regular training and match experience contribute to a player’s development. If a Wonderkid receives good game time and performs well, their attributes are likely to improve.

4. Age and Potential

Younger FM Wonderkids have more time to develop, so their ratings are likely to see more significant improvements compared to older players with high potential.

5. Injuries and Mentoring

Injuries can impact a player’s development, so managing their workload and ensuring proper recovery is essential. Mentoring can also positively influence a

Wonderkid’s ratings.

What are the differences between FM Wonderkids and Hidden Gems?

In Football Manager, Wonderkids and Hidden Gems are two distinct types of players, each with its unique qualities. Understanding the differences between them can help managers build a well-rounded and successful squad. Here’s a breakdown of these player types:

FM Wonderkids

  • Wonderkids are young players under the age of 21 with high potential ability.
  • They are widely recognized as top prospects and often come with higher transfer fees and wages.
  • Managers aim to develop Wonderkids into star players for the long term.
  • These players are well-known and can be found in popular Wonderkid lists or scouting tools.

Hidden Gems

  • Hidden Gems are relatively unknown players who possess high potential ability but might not have widespread recognition.
  • They are often found in smaller or lesser-known clubs and may come at a more affordable price.
  • Managers discover Hidden Gems through thorough scouting and research, unearthing hidden talent.
  • Developing Hidden Gems can lead to fantastic bargains and unexpected stars for the team.

Can Wonderkids become team captains?

In Football Manager, Wonderkids can indeed become team captains. However, this depends on various factors, including the player’s personality, leadership attributes, and their tenure at the club. Here’s what you need to know about FM Wonderkids and captaincy:

1. Personality Traits

Certain personality traits, such as “Leader,” “Determined,” and “Model Citizen,” increase a player’s chances of being considered for the captaincy.

2. Leadership Attributes

A player’s leadership attributes, like leadership, teamwork, and determination, play a significant role in determining their suitability as a captain.

3. Seniority and Experience

Young FM Wonderkids might not be considered for the captaincy immediately, as they need time to establish themselves in the squad and gain experience.

4. Manager’s Decision

Ultimately, the manager has the final say in appointing the team captain. Managers can choose players they believe embody the values and spirit of the club.

How do Wonderkids compare to established star players?

In Football Manager, FM Wonderkids and established star players serve different purposes in a team. Understanding their differences can help managers make strategic decisions in squad building and player development. Here’s a comparison between Wonderkids and star players:

FM Wonderkids

  • Young players with high potential ability who are at the early stages of their careers.
  • Generally, they have lower current ability ratings compared to established stars.
  • Managers invest in Wonderkids for their long-term potential and to mold them into future stars.
  • They are more affordable in the transfer market compared to established stars.

Established Star Players

  • Veteran players with a proven track record and high current ability ratings.
  • They bring immediate impact and performance to the team.
  • Established stars often demand higher transfer fees and wages due to their reputation and experience.
  • Managers may sign star players to improve the team’s current competitiveness.

Are Wonderkids region-specific or globally distributed?

FM Wonderkids in Football Manager are globally distributed, meaning they can be found in various regions and countries around the world. Football Manager’s extensive database includes players from various continents, offering a diverse pool of Wonderkids for managers to discover. Here’s what you need to know about the global distribution of Wonderkids:

1. Database Size

Football Manager’s database includes thousands of players from different countries and leagues, ensuring a wide range of Wonderkids from various regions.

2. Scouting Worldwide

Managers can scout players globally by assigning scouts to specific regions or countries to unearth the best FM Wonderkids worldwide.

3. Youth Development

Youth academies and development centers worldwide produce talented players, and Football Manager reflects this diversity in its player database.

Can I sign FM Wonderkids from other clubs during the transfer window?

Yes, managers can sign Wonderkids from other clubs during the transfer window in Football Manager. However, the process of signing Wonderkids can be competitive, as many other clubs may be interested in these highly sought-after players. Here’s what you need to know about signing FM Wonderkids:

1. Negotiating Transfers

When pursuing Wonderkids, you’ll need to negotiate with the player’s current club to agree on a transfer fee and other terms.

2. Player Interest

Consider the player’s interest in joining your club. A player may be more willing to join if you offer regular game time and a competitive environment.

3. Competition

Expect competition from other clubs also interested in signing the same Wonderkid. Be prepared to act quickly and make competitive offers.

4. Work Permit

If the Wonderkid comes from a non-European country, you’ll need to consider work permit regulations, which can vary between leagues and countries.


Football Manager Wonderkids are the future stars of the game, and discovering and developing them is an exciting challenge for any manager. By following effective scouting strategies, paying attention to player attributes, and implementing smart development plans, managers can shape these young talents into world-class players. Understanding the differences between FM Wonderkids and established stars and knowing how player ratings progress over time is essential for long-term success. So, step into the manager’s shoes, embark on your scouting journey, and unlock the potential of the next generation of football superstars! Sure, here’s a table summarizing the information from the article:

What are Wonderkids in Football Manager?FM Wonderkids are young players under the age of 21 with high potential ability, sought after by managers for their long-term potential. Scouting tools and the “Wonderkid” label in-game help identify them. Development requires game time, individual training, and potential unlocking.
How do I scout for Wonderkids effectively?Effective scouting involves defining search criteria, utilizing the Scouting Center, filtering by attributes, considering potential ability, and scouting regularly.
Which attributes should I look for in potential Wonderkids?Key attributes to look for include technical skills, mental attributes, physical attributes, position-specific attributes, and potential ability. These attributes indicate a player’s potential to become a Wonderkid.
What are the best development strategies for Wonderkids?Development strategies involve individual training focus, balanced game time, loan spells, mentoring, and managing expectations. These strategies help maximize the potential of Wonderkids and shape them into top-class players.
How do Wonderkid ratings progress over time in the game?Wonderkid ratings change based on training, matches, age, potential ability, injuries, and mentoring. Understanding their progression helps managers manage their development effectively.
What are the differences between Wonderkids and Hidden Gems?Wonderkids are young players with high potential, widely recognized and more expensive, while Hidden Gems are unknown players with high potential but lower recognition and costs. Managers discover Hidden Gems through scouting.
Can Wonderkids become team captains?Wonderkids can become team captains based on personality traits, leadership attributes, seniority, experience, and the manager’s decision. Being a captain depends on the player’s ability to lead and represent the club’s values.
How do Wonderkids compare to established star players?Wonderkids have high potential but lower current ability compared to established stars. Managers invest in Wonderkids for long-term development, while star players provide immediate impact. Signing stars may be costlier than Wonderkids.
Are Wonderkids region-specific or globally distributed?Wonderkids are globally distributed in Football Manager, reflecting the diversity of youth talent worldwide. The game’s database includes players from various countries and regions. Managers can scout and sign Wonderkids from all over the world.
Can I sign Wonderkids from other clubs during the transfer window?Yes, managers can sign Wonderkids from other clubs during the transfer window. Negotiating transfers, player interest, competition, and work permit considerations are essential when pursuing these highly sought-after players.

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