Conquer the Pitch with FM24 Set Piece Routines Tactics

FM24 Set Piece Routines - New Football Manager Set Piece Features - Full Explained

FM24 Set Piece RoutinesKey Takeaways:

  • FM24 introduces specialized Set Piece Coaches for enhanced dead-ball situations.
  • New Set Piece Creator prioritizes player attributes for tactical flexibility.
  • Set Piece Familiarity, a new concept reflecting training impact.
  • Revamped Throw-ins for a more professional approach.
  • Nuanced Penalty Management with options post-miss.
  • Option to delegate or personalize set piece management.

Football Manager 2024 (FM24) brings a fresh perspective to one of the game’s most critical aspects: set pieces. Whether converting a corner into a goal or defending against a free-kick, FM24’s new features empower managers to leverage these moments. This article delves into the tactical nuances and strategic enhancements in FM24.

The Strategic Importance of FM24 Set Piece Routines

Introducing Set Piece Coaches

In FM24, Set Piece Coaches are a specialized staff role, highlighting Set Piece preferences and defensive setups. Their unique attribute indicates their coaching prowess, offering tailored approaches for each match.

FM24 Set Piece Routines | Coach

Crafting Your Set Piece Blueprint

The overhauled Set Piece Creator in Football Manager 24 allows a more adaptive approach, focusing on player attributes. This change enhances the football manager’s set-piece tactics, providing a dynamic and intelligent way to craft routines.

Defensive and Offensive Preferences

FM24 Set Piece Routines | Defensive Marking Strategy
Football Manager 2024 Defensive Set Pieces Strategy

Choose from zonal, hybrid, or man marking for defense, with tools to help understand the pros and cons. Offensively, indicate preferred delivery areas and styles for optimal positioning.

Defensive RoleKey ResponsibilityPlayer Attribute Focus
Zonal DefenderGuard specific zones during set piecesPositioning, Jumping
Man MarkerClosely mark specific opponentsMarking, Strength
Ball ClearerFocus on clearing incoming ballsHeading, Determination
SweeperCover behind the defensive lineAnticipation, Pace
Edge of Box DefenderProtect against short set piece routinesTackling, Work Rate
FM24 Set Piece Routines – Defence
FM24 Set Piece Roles and Responsibilities
FM24 Set Piece Roles and ResponsibilitiesAttack

Adaptive Player Roles and Priority Lists

RoleResponsibilityPlayer Attribute Focus
Aerial ThreatAttack key areas during cornersJumping, Heading
Box ThreatLurk for opportunities in the boxFinishing, Anticipation
Recovery DefenderGuard against counter-attacksPace, Positioning
CreatorsCraft opportunities from dead-ballsPassing, Creativity
FM24 Set Piece Routines – Attack

Specific roles like Aerial Threat and Box Threat are introduced, with a Priority List to rank these roles. This ensures top players are utilized effectively in FM 2024 set pieces tactics.

Set Piece Familiarity and Training Impact

FM24 Set Piece Routines | Free Kicks
Familiarity LevelTraining ImpactMatchday Effectiveness
HighWell-drilled routinesIncreased chance of success
MediumAdequate preparationReliable execution
LowNeeds improvementPotential for mistakes
FM24 Set Piece Routines – Training

This new concept reflects the impact of training on routine execution, aiding in the seamless implementation of your set-piece philosophy.

A More Authentic Approach to Throw-Ins

FM24 Set Piece Routines | Throw Ins
Area of the PitchTactical Options for Throw-InsDescription
Defensive ThirdRetain PossessionOpt for a safer approach to maintain ball control and build play from the back.
Middle ThirdWork the LineFocus on progressing up the sideline, using throw-ins to advance positionally.
Attacking ThirdBall into the BoxAim to create scoring opportunities by getting the ball into dangerous areas.
Attacking ThirdLong ThrowUtilize the long throw as a direct route to create chances in the opponent’s box.
FM24 Set Piece Routines – Throw Ins

Throw-ins now mirror real-life strategies, creating routines aligned with your tactical approach.

Streamlining Your Creative Talents

Automatic assignment of set-piece takers based on attributes, categorizing deliveries by swing rather than the side.

Customizing Penalty StrategiesPenalty Management Options

A dedicated tab for penalties, with strategic options post-miss.

ScenarioOptionStrategic Impact
Missed previous penaltyChange takerMaintain confidence
Designated specialistAssign all set piecesConsistency in delivery
FM24 Set Piece Routines – Penalties

Dictating Your Level of Responsibility

The option to fully manage or delegate set piece routines, tailoring them to your vision.

Understanding Your Rivals’ Set Piece Strengths

Insights into opponents’ set piece strengths with new visuals and analytics for each fixture.

Download the Best Corner Set Piece Routines

FM24 Set Piece Routines – Conclusion

In conclusion, FM24’s set piece overhaul offers a comprehensive toolkit to turn these moments into game-changing opportunities.
With specialized coaches, a renewed focus on player attributes, and authentic approaches to throw-ins and penalties, FM24 ensures that every set piece can be a step toward victory.

For more insights into mastering the beautiful game, explore the football manager hub and discover how to uncover talents and engage with the game’s diverse facets at FM Wonderkid.

FM24 Set Piece RoutinesFAQ

1. What are the best set piece routines in Football Manager 2024?

A: In Football Manager 2024, the effectiveness of set piece routines depends on your team’s strengths and the context of the match. However, routines that focus on near-post flick-ons, direct shots from free-kicks, and mixed corner tactics often prove successful. For detailed strategies, visit our Football Manager Hub for in-depth guides.

2. How can I create effective corner routines in FM24?

A: To create effective corner routines in FM24, consider your players’ attributes like height, jumping reach, and heading. Mix short and long corners to keep the opposition guessing. Utilize players with high crossing ability and experiment with different delivery types. For more insights, check out our Football Manager Guides.

3. What role do player attributes play in set pieces in FM24?

A: Player attributes are crucial in determining the success of set pieces in FM24. For example, players with higher free-kick taking skills are more effective in direct free-kick situations, while those with good heading and jumping reach are key in corners and indirect free-kicks. For a deeper understanding, explore our FM Scouting section.

4. Can set piece routines be the deciding factor in tight matches in FM24?

A: Absolutely. In Football Manager 2024, well-crafted set piece routines can be a game-changer in tight matches. They can provide crucial goals, especially when open play opportunities are limited. Mastering set pieces adds a strategic edge to your gameplay.

5. Are there any specific training drills for improving set pieces in FM24?

A: Yes, Football Manager 2024 offers specific training drills for set pieces. These drills focus on improving player skills like free-kick taking, corner delivery, and heading accuracy. Regular training in these areas can significantly enhance your team’s set piece efficiency.

6. How do I adjust set piece tactics according to the opposition in FM24?

A: To adjust set piece tactics in FM24, analyze the opposition’s weaknesses. For instance, if the opponent struggles with aerial threats, focus on delivering high crosses during corners. Tailoring your approach based on the opposition’s vulnerabilities can increase your chances of scoring. Visit our FM24 Wonderkids Shortlist for player recommendations that excel in set pieces.

7. What’s the impact of a set piece specialist in a team in FM24?

A: Having a set piece specialist in your FM24 team can significantly impact your scoring opportunities. Specialists with high attributes in free-kick taking, corners, and penalties can turn the tide of a game with their precision and skill.


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