FM 24 Corner Command: Mastering the Art of Set Piece Warfare – Download

FM24 Set Piece Tactics for Corners

Welcome to the battlefield of Football Manager 24 (FM24), where corner kicks aren’t just part of the game – they’re the pulse of it. Here, we’re not messing around with mundane tactics; we’re delving deep into the art of fm24 set piece tactics for corners. It’s time to crank up your managerial swagger and outwit, outplay, and outlast your virtual adversaries.

Defensive Dominance: Building an Impenetrable Fortress

FM24 Set Piece Routines | Defend Corner

Centre of the Box Defence

Your central defenders are more than just players; they’re the heart of your defence. Position them wisely, and watch them become the bane of every attacker’s existence. FM tactics for corners is crucial!

Flank Defence

Your full-backs aren’t just defenders; they’re your tactical aces. Station them at the posts, and turn every corner into a dead end for the opposition.

Tactical Role Assignment: The Chess Moves of Defence

In FM24, assigning defensive roles is like moving your pieces in a high-stakes chess game. Each player’s position and role isn’t just a decision; it’s a statement of your tactical prowess.

Offensive Mastery: Turning Corners into Carnivals of Goals

FM24 Set Piece Routines | Attack Corners

Aerial Threats

Deploy your tallest players as more than just height; make them your aerial overlords. Their mission? To sow chaos and reap goals.

Box Threats

Your forwards are more than goal-seekers; they’re your strategic predators. Their movement isn’t random; it’s a calculated assault designed to break the enemy lines.

Set Piece Maestro: The Puppeteer of Corners

Your set piece specialist isn’t just kicking the ball; they’re the maestro of your corner strategy. Precision and technique aren’t just skills; they’re your weapons for corner domination.

Recovery Defenders: The Last Line of Tactical Defence

Balancing attack with defence isn’t just a tactic; it’s your safeguard. Your ‘Stay Back’ players are more than defenders; they’re your last line of defence, ensuring your aggressive plays don’t leave you vulnerable.

DOWNLOAD FM Wonderkid – FM24 Set Piece Routines Supremacy + Setup Instructions

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Set Piece Tactics in FM24

  1. Locate Your Downloaded File:
    • After downloading your desired set piece tactic file (usually in .fmf format), note where it’s saved on your computer.
  2. Move the File to the Correct Folder:
    • Place the .fmf file into the ‘Tactics’ folder within your FM24 user data location.
    • Typically, this path is: Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2024\tactics.
    • If the ‘tactics’ folder doesn’t exist, you can create it yourself.
  3. Launch Football Manager 24:
    • Open FM24 and either load your existing game or start a new one.
  4. Access the Tactics Screen:
    • In your FM24 save, navigate to the ‘Tactics’ tab from the sidebar menu.
  5. Import the Set Piece Routine:
    • Within the Tactics screen, find the set piece area (such as corners, free kicks, or throw-ins).
    • Click on the specific set piece category (e.g., ‘Corners’) for which you have a downloaded tactic.
    • Look for an option to ‘Import Routine’ or a similar term, and click on it. This will open a window for file browsing.
  6. Select Your Downloaded File:
    • Browse to the location of the saved .fmf file.
    • Select the file and then click ‘Open’ or ‘Load’.
  7. Apply the Routine:
    • The imported set piece routine should now appear in your list of tactics.
    • Apply it to either offensive or defensive routines, depending on the nature of the tactic.
  8. Review and Adjust:
    • It’s advisable to review the set piece assignments to ensure they align with your players’ abilities.
    • Adjustments might be needed to optimize the routine for your team’s specific strengths.
  9. Save Your Tactics:
    • Once you’re satisfied with the setup, save your tactics to ensure the new routine is included in your upcoming matches.

Conclusion: Corner Kick Conquest in FM24

Mastering corner kicks in FM24 is not just about tactics; it’s about swagger and supremacy. Every corner is a chance to display your tactical genius and assert dominance. It’s time to transform your corner routines from mere set pieces into weapons of tactical warfare.

So, are you ready to rule the FM24 universe with your corner kick mastery? Embrace the challenge, and let every corner kick become a showcase of your unrivalled football intellect. This is FM24, where corner kicks are your battlefield, and you’re the commander.


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