Fm24 Genie Scout Free Download

FM24 Genie Scout Free Download

Fm24 Genie Scout Free Download

Start your journey to glory with FM24 Genie Scout Free Download!


Football Manager 2024 (FM24) captivates football enthusiasts with its intricate football management world.

A key tool in the arsenal of serious FM24 players is the FM24 Genie Scout and its enhanced version, Genie Scout 24g (GS24g).

These tools provide a deep dive into player potential and team analytics, making them indispensable for crafting a winning strategy.

Compatibility with FM24 ensures a seamless integration, offering profound and actionable insights.

Fm24 Genie Scout Free Download Key Takeaways:

FM24 Genie ScoutEssential tool for detailed player analysis.
Genie Scout 24gSpecial edition with advanced features.
CompatibilitySeamless integration with FM24.
FM24 Genie Scout Free Download - Introduction

Genie Scout 24g: A Feature-Packed Special Edition

Genie Scout 24g elevates the scouting experience with its unique features over the public edition. It offers an ad-free experience and access to eight additional features, including Search Potential Attributes and GS STATS, which enhance gameplay and strategic depth.

Advantages of Genie Scout 24g

  • Ad-free Experience: Enjoy uninterrupted scouting sessions.
  • Unique Features: Leverage advanced features for deeper insights.

Genie Scout’s Role in Football Manager

Understanding player attributes is crucial in FM24. Genie Scout excels in detailing these attributes accurately, allowing managers to make informed decisions and tailor their strategies for success.

Genie Scout 24g’s Features

  • Search Potential Attributes: Scout for players with high development potential.
FM24 Genie Scout Free Download - Player Profile
  • GS STATS: Gain in-depth knowledge of player development through historical data.
FM24 Genie Scout Free Download - GS Rating - Exclusive Scout Report
  • Other Features: Utilize player comparison and advanced filtering to streamline scouting.
FM24 Genie Scout Free Download - Player Positional Rating
FM24 Genie Scout Free Download - Player Roles Scouting Rating

How to run Football Manager 24 Genie Scout?

  1. Extract the downloaded .zip file and run the setup .exe file.
  2. Follow instructions until the installation is finished.
  3. Run Football Manager 2024 and load your saved game.
  4. Launch Genie Scout 24 and from the main menu click “Load Game”.
FM24 Genie Scout Free Download - Load Save Database

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Impact on Football Manager Strategy

Genie Scout significantly impacts strategy formulation in FM24. It aids in building successful tactics and enhancing the overall user experience by providing data-driven insights into player abilities and potential.

FM Scouting Essentials

FM24 Scouting Setup Instructions

Maximizing Recruitment with FM24 Scout Tactics

Strategic Benefits

  • Informed Decision-Making: Base your strategies on accurate player data.
  • Tactical Edge: Use Genie Scout insights to gain an advantage over competitors.

Learn More:


FM24 Genie Scout, especially the GS24g edition, is an essential tool for any FM24 manager aiming for the top. Its detailed insights and advanced features not only enhance the gameplay experience but also highlight the importance of community feedback and continuous improvement in the FM ecosystem.

Dive deep into the world of football management with FM24 Genie Scout and transform your gameplay experience!

Football Manager 24 Genie Scout – FAQ

What are the differences between the public and ‘g’ editions of Genie Scout?

The ‘g’ edition is ad-free and includes eight extra features such as Potential Attributes Search, GS STATS, In-Game Scout enhancements, and more​…

Can I use Genie Scout 24g on Mac or Linux?

No, Genie Scout 24g is compatible only with Windows operating systems, specifically 64-bit versions from XP to 11, due to FM20 dropping support for 32-bit systems​.

How can I support the development of Genie Scout?

You can support Genie Scout’s development by purchasing the special ‘g’ edition. This one-time purchase supports all updates for the GS23g cycle​
For more detailed information on using Genie Scout 23, troubleshooting, and supporting its development, visit FM Scout’s official pages​​​.


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