The Ultimate Guide to FM Free Agents 23/24

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The world of Football Manager 2023 (FM23) is vast and intricate, offering various avenues for team building and strategy formulation. One such avenue that often goes overlooked is the treasure trove of FM free agents 23/24.

There are more than 400 free agents available in the game. These players, unattached to any club, can be signed without a transfer fee, making them invaluable assets for teams operating on a shoestring budget.

FM Free Agents 23/24: Key Takeaways

  • Over 400 free agents in FM23
  • Minimum Current Ability score of 100
  • Minimum Potential Ability of 150
  • Perfect for budget-conscious clubs

Why FM Free Agents 23/24 Matter?


The most obvious advantage of signing free agents is the cost-effectiveness. With no transfer fees involved, you can allocate your limited funds to other areas like scouting or youth development. This is particularly beneficial for clubs with low or no funds.


Free agents offer unparalleled flexibility. They can be signed by virtually any club, regardless of the league or country. This opens up a myriad of possibilities for your Football Manager Hub strategy.

Profit Potential

Once you’ve developed these players, you can sell them for a profit. This is an excellent way to generate funds for future transfers or infrastructure improvements.

Criteria for Selection FM Free Agents

When it comes to selecting free agents, there are two primary criteria:

  1. Current Ability: Players must have a minimum Current Ability score of 100 out of 200.
  2. Potential Ability: Players should have a Potential Ability of at least 150 to make the cut.

How to Filter FM Free Agents 23/24

Filtering through the extensive list of FM free agents can be daunting. Here are some tips:

  • By Name: Simply type the player’s name in the search bar.
  • By Position: Use position codes like GK for Goalkeepers, ST for Strikers, etc.
  • By Nationality: Use country shortcodes like ENG for English players, BRA for Brazilians, and so on.

Thought-Provoking Questions

How Can Free Agents Enhance Your FM23 Strategy?

Signing free agents can be a game-changer, especially for clubs with limited resources. This should be an integral part of your FM Scouting strategy.

What’s the Risk Involved?

While free agents come without a transfer fee, they may demand higher wages. It’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons to determine if the risk is worth the reward.

How to Maximize Profit?

Once signed, these players can be developed and sold for a profit. This can be a lucrative strategy if integrated well into your overall Football Manager Hub game plan.

FM Free Agents Shortlist – Free Download

If you’re looking to bolster your squad without breaking the bank, free agents can be a goldmine. Here’s a comprehensive table of free agents in FM23, complete with their age, position, nationality, and EU status.

FM23 Free Agents List

NameAgePositionNationalityEU National
Paul-Jose Mpoku30MC AMLCODYes
Santiago Arias30DR WBRCOLNo
Gaston Ramirez31MC AMCURUNo
Giovani dos Santos33AMR AMC STMEXYes
Mehdi Carcela-Gonzalez32AMR AML AMCMARYes
Salif Sane31DCSENYes
Nikola Maksimovic30DCSRBNo
Eliaquim Mangala31DCFRAYes
Nemanja Radoja29DM MCSRBNo
Saphir Taider30DM MCALGYes
Matej Vydra30AMC STCZEYes
Faouzi Ghoulam31DL WBLALGYes
Daniel Carrico33DCPORYes
Simone Zaza31STITAYes
Hal Robson-Kanu33AMR AML STWALNo
Havard Nordtveit32DC DMNORYes
Edgar Ie28DCGNBYes
Runar Mar S. Sigurjonsson32MCISLYes
Larry Kayode29STNGANo
Zakaria Labyad29AML AMCMARYes
Jetro Willems28DL WBLNEDYes
Mateo Musacchio31DCARGYes
George Miron28DCROUYes
Filip Bradaric30DM MCCROYes
Ryan Thomas27AMCNZLNo
Filipe Augusto28DM MCBRANo
Omar Elabdellaoui30DR WBRNORYes
Uros Spajic29DCSRBNo
Nicolai Jorgensen31STDENYes
Tiago Rodrigues30MC AMCPORYes
Didac Vila33DL WBLESPYes
William Vainqueur33DMFRAYes
Marvin Zeegelaar31DL WBLNEDYes
Dale Stephens32DM MCENGNo
Bubacarr Sanneh27DCGAMNo
Joao Pedro29DM MCPORYes
Seydouba Soumah31AMCGUINo
Renan Ribeiro32GKBRANo
Isaac Cuenca31AMR AML AMCESPYes
William27DR WBRBRANo
Lukas Rupp31MCGERYes
Riccardo Fiamozzi29DR WBRITAYes
Milos Jojic30MC AMCSRBNo
Othman El Kabir30AMLNEDYes
Ramon Azeez29DM MCNGANo
Michael Hector29DCJAMNo
Fabio Martins28AMR AMLPORYes
Joris Gnagnon25DCFRAYes
Sean Morrison31DCENGYes
Erik Godoy28DCARGNo
David Junca28DL WBLESPYes
Richard Strebinger29GKAUTYes
NameAgePositionNationalityEU National
Diego Perotti33AMLARGYes
Timothee Kolodziejczak30DCFRAYes
Anders Trondsen27DL MCNORYes
Victor Alvarez29DLESPYes
William Owusu32AMR STGHANo
Tornike Okriashvili30AMRGEONo
Sammy Ameobi30AMLNGANo
Jeremy Pied33DR WBRFRAYes
Nicolas De Preville31AML STFRAYes
Ambroise Oyongo31DL WBLCMRNo
Enock Kwateng25DRFRAYes
Franck Tabanou33DLFRAYes
Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa33DCFRAYes
Cheik M’Bengue33DLSENYes
Rene Krhin32MCSVNYes
Antonio Vacca32DM MCITAYes
Jean-Armel Kana-Biyik32DCCMRYes
Nano Mesa27STESPYes
Alex Mula25ML AMLESPYes
Suk Hyun-Jun30STKORNo
Molla Wague31DCMLIYes
Lamine Kone33DCCIVYes
Luc Kassi27MC AMCCIVNo
Edu Campabadal29DRESPYes
Fernandinho29AMR AMLBRANo
Mathieu Deplagne30DRFRAYes
Ziga Frelih24GKSVNYes
Marko Bakic28MC AMCMNENo
Ivan Arboleda26GKCOLNo
Aljaz Struna31DR DCSVNYes
Darwin Andrade31DL WBLCOLNo
Lisandro Alzugaray32AMCARGNo
Danijel Petkovic29GKMNENo
Hector Quinones30DL WBLCOLNo
John Baggio30AMR AMLMADNo
Carlos Rodriguez28AMR AMLCOLNo
Elkin Blanco32DMCOLNo
William Jebor30STLBRNo

FM Free Agents 23/24 Shortlist FREE DOWNLOAD


FM free agents 23/24 offer a unique opportunity to strengthen your squad without draining your finances. Whether you’re a seasoned manager or a newbie, these players can add depth and quality to your team.

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