Crazy 2-7-2 Thiago Motta Football Formation

Football Formation Revolution with Thiago Motta 2-7-2

In Football Manager 23, as in FM Wonderkid, and in life generally, the thrill of tactical experimentation is limitless. Among the myriad formations at your disposal, one strategy has emerged as a game-changer – the 2-7-2 football formation. Inspired by Thiago Motta’s innovative approach to real-world football, this attacking football formation allows you to unleash a torrent of attacking prowess while keeping the opposition on their toes. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the 2-7-2 Formation in Football Manager 23, exploring gameplay settings and terminology to dominate the virtual pitch like never before.

Decoding the Tactics: Thrive with the 2-7-2 Football Formation by Thiago Motta

Before diving into gameplay tactics, let’s understand the essence of the 2-7-2 Formation in Football Manager. Assemble a formidable lineup consisting of two defenders, seven midfielders, and two forwards, and you’re ready to embark on a mesmerizing attacking journey. The brilliance of this 2-7-2 football formation lies in its fluidity and compactness, enabling seamless transitions from defense to offense.

Winning Strategies with the 2-7-2 Football Tactics FM

To begin your conquest with the 2-7-2 football Formation, first, assemble a squad equipped with players capable of executing this high-intensity strategy. Look for defenders who are strong in tackling and have good anticipation to intercept passes. Central midfielders should possess exceptional passing abilities and tactical awareness, while wide midfielders must be swift and skillful dribblers.

Player Roles and Instructions

In Football Manager 23, player roles football player positions instructions are the heart and soul of your tactical approach. To execute the 2-7-2 Formation seamlessly, customize your players’ roles and instructions to suit the football formation’s attacking ethos.


  1. Center-Backs: Select center-backs who are comfortable with the ball at their feet, as they’ll be involved in initiating attacks. Use the “Ball Playing Defender” role to enhance their distribution and encourage them to carry the ball forward.


  1. Central Midfielders: Opt for a mix of playmakers and box-to-box midfielders in the central zone. Assign the “Deep-Lying Playmaker” role to one midfielder to dictate play from deeper positions. For the other central midfielder, the “Box-to-Box Midfielder” role will enable them to contribute defensively and offensively.
  2. Wide Midfielders: Your wide midfielders should be lightning-fast and adept at dribbling. Use the “Winger” role to encourage them to hug the touchline and stretch the opposition’s defense.
  3. Attacking Midfielder: This pivotal role demands a creative spark. Assign the “Advanced Playmaker” role to a midfielder who can unlock tight defenses with incisive passes and intelligent movement.


  1. Strikers: Your striking duo must have an excellent understanding of each other’s game. The “Advanced Forward” role suits a forward who can drop deep and link up play, while the “Poacher” role is perfect for a clinical finisher who thrives in the box.

Gameplay Tactics

Now that your squad has the right player roles and instructions, let’s explore gameplay tactics to dominate with the 2-7-2 football Formation.

High Pressing and Counter-Press

With a midfield army of seven players, the 2-7-2 Formation allows for relentless pressing. Set your team’s defensive line to push higher up the pitch and employ the “Counter-Press” instruction to win back possession quickly after losing the ball. This aggressive approach will unsettle opponents and create turnovers in dangerous areas.

Exploiting the Flanks

The key to success with the 2-7-2 football Formation lies in exploiting the flanks. Instruct your wide midfielders to “Stay Wider” and “Cross More Often.” This will stretch the opposition’s defense horizontally, creating spaces for your forwards and central midfielders to exploit.

Fluid Attacking Movement

The 2-7-2 Formation thrives on fluidity and intelligent movement. Encourage your midfielders to interchange positions and make runs into the box. Use the “Roaming” and “Get Further Forward” instructions for central midfielders, and for the wide midfielders, use “Cut Inside” to encourage them to drift centrally and unleash shots on goal.

Targeted Build-Up Play

While the 2-7-2 Formation focuses on attacking, controlled build-up play is equally vital. Set your team’s mentality to “Positive” or “Attacking” to maintain offensive intent, but balance it with a “Short Passing” style to ensure accurate ball circulation and sustained possession.

Set Piece Routines

To maximize goal-scoring opportunities, devise set-piece routines that capitalize on the 2-7-2 Formation’s strengths. Customize corner kick routines to exploit spaces in the box, and practice free-kick routines that involve several midfield runners to create confusion in the opposition’s defense.

The 2-7-2 Formation in Football Manager 23 focuses on an attacking approach, with a high-pressing game and a keen emphasis on exploiting the flanks. The fluidity of movement among the midfielders and targeted build-up play enhance the formation’s effectiveness. By mastering these gameplay tactics and customizing player roles, you can dominate the virtual pitch like a true football manager.

Conclusion of the 2-7-2 Football Formation

Mastering the 2-7-2 Formation in Football Manager 23 can elevate your virtual managerial journey to unparalleled heights. The attacking potency of this formation, combined with its fluidity and tactical intricacies, make it a formidable force on the virtual pitch. By customizing player roles, setting up gameplay tactics, and focusing on targeted build-up play, you can orchestrate a footballing symphony that mesmerizes fans and leaves opponents in awe. So, take charge of your virtual squad, unleash the 2-7-2 Formation, and dominate the beautiful game in Football Manager!

Football Formation2-7-2 (2 Defenders, 7 Midfielders, 2 Forwards)
Squad SetupAssemble players with suitable attributes for each position.
DefendersCenter-Backs with good ball-playing skills and anticipation. Use the “Ball Playing Defender” role.
MidfieldersMix of playmakers and box-to-box midfielders. Wingers for the wide positions.
ForwardsStriking duo with an understanding of each other’s game. “Advanced Forward” and “Poacher” roles.
Gameplay Tactics
High PressingSet defensive line higher and use “Counter-Press” instruction.
Exploiting the FlanksInstruct wide midfielders to “Stay Wider” and “Cross More Often.”
Fluid Attacking MovementEncourage midfielders to interchange positions and make forward runs.
Targeted Build-Up PlayMaintain offensive intent with a “Positive” or “Attacking” mentality and “Short Passing” style.
Set Piece RoutinesDevise corner kick and free-kick routines to exploit the formation’s strengths.
Summary of 2-7-2 Attractive Football Formation


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