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UEFA Europa League 23/24 Group Stage Betting Odds and ELO Chances

UEFA Europa League 23/24 Group Stage Betting Odds and ELO Chances

The UEFA Europa League 23/24 season beckons, and with it comes a whirlwind of Uefa Europa League Group Stage odds, predictions, strategies, and analyses. As aficionados of football analytics, the FM Wonderkid community crafted a meticulous examination that marries traditional betting odds with the sophisticated ELO Rating System.

Originally conceptualized for chess, the ELO method has found its rightful place in football, adjusting teams’ ratings with each win, loss, or draw, offering a granular view of their current prowess and future potential.

With an array of detailed graphs, tables, and diagrams, we illuminate the intricate dynamics of the group stage. By juxtaposing ELO-driven predictions against established betting trends, sourced from industry-leading platforms, we provide a holistic view of what to expect this season.

For both seasoned football enthusiasts and budding analysts, this article promises a deeper understanding and a richer perspective. Step into the arena of expert football analytics and let’s decode the UEFA Europa League group stage odds for the 23/24 season together.

ELO-Based Analysis of the UEFA Group Stage Europa League 2023/24

Group A: A Mix of Power and Potential

  • West Ham: Leading the group with an ELO rating of 1808, the Hamers’ recent form suggests they are the favorites to progress to the knockout stage.
  • Freiburg: The German side, boasting a rating of 1728, is well-positioned to challenge West Ham for supremacy. Their potential for success in the Europa League is evident.
  • Olympiacos: With a rating of 1586, this Greek football giant brings a rich European history to the competition. While they might not be the top favorites, they are certainly contenders.
  • TSC Backa Topola: As the underdogs with a rating of 1346, this Serbian team hopes to defy expectations and leave a mark.
TeamELO Rating
West Ham1808
TSC Backa Topola1346
Uefa Europa League Group Stage – ELO ratings
Group A ELO Ratings

Group B: A Battle of Titans by ELO

  • Brighton: With an ELO rating of 1840, this English club is anticipated to display both their domestic and international prowess.
  • Ajax: This Dutch football powerhouse, having a rating of 1733, is no stranger to European competitions and stands as a strong contender for the knockout stage.
  • Marseille: The French club, with a rating of 1701, is poised to be a formidable force during the group stages.
  • AEK Athens: Although the Greek team, with a rating of 1554, might be seen as the underdogs, they are here to challenge and potentially surprise.
TeamELO Rating
AEK Athens1554
Uefa Europa League Group Stage – ELO ratings
Uefa Europa League 23/24 - Group B ELO Ratings

Group C: Where Every Rating Counts

  • Real Betis: With an ELO rating of 1741, this Spanish side is the group’s favorite, a testament to their quality and experience.
  • Rangers: The Scottish club, holding a rating of 1623, brings both passion and a rich European history, positioning them as strong contenders.
  • Sparta Praha: The Czech team, with a rating of 1609, showcases potential and is definitely a team to watch.
  • Aris Limassol: The Cypriot club, rated at 1435, faces a formidable challenge but stands ready to compete.
TeamELO Rating
Real Betis1741
Sparta Praha1609
Aris Limassol1435
Uefa Europa League Group Stage – ELO ratings
Uefa Europa League 23/24 - Group C ELO Ratings

Group D: A Competitive Cauldron

  • Atalanta: This Italian Serie A side, with an ELO rating of 1765, is renowned for their attacking flair and is the favorite to top the group.
  • Sporting CP: The Portuguese club, closely trailing with a rating of 1757, is expected to fiercely contest for the top spot, adding to the group’s intriguing dynamics.
  • Sturm Graz: The Austrian team, rated at 1590, may face challenges but has the potential to surprise many.
  • Rakow: The Polish club, with a rating of 1554, is determined to defy the odds and make a significant impact.
TeamELO Rating
Sporting CP1757
Sturm Graz1590
Uefa Europa League Group Stage – ELO ratings
Uefa Europa League 23/24 - Group D ELO Ratings

Group E: Where Giants Meet Challengers

  • Liverpool: The Premier League giants lead with a significant ELO rating of 1961, solidifying their position as clear favorites to top the group.
  • Union SG: The Belgian club, rated at 1664, aims to secure one of the top two spots, despite facing intense competition.
  • Toulouse: The French side, with a rating of 1569, is set to challenge Union SG for the second spot, adding to the group’s thrilling dynamics.
  • LASK: The Austrian team, rated at 1516, aspires to play the role of the dark horse in the group.
TeamELO Rating
Union SG1664
Uefa Europa League Group Stage – ELO ratings
Uefa Europa League 23/24 - Group E ELO Ratings

Group F: A Blend of Experience and Ambition

  • Villarreal: The Spanish side, with an ELO rating of 1743, is the favorite, especially in light of their recent UEFA Europa League victory in 2021.
  • Rennes: The French club, rated at 1704, is anticipated to challenge Villarreal for the top spot, making the group’s matches a spectacle.
  • Maccabi Haifa: The Israeli team, with a rating of 1590, is the potential dark horse, ready to challenge the top teams.
  • Panathinaikos: The Greek club, rated at 1543, is eager to make a mark and progress further in the competition.
TeamELO Rating
Maccabi Haifa1590
Uefa Europa League Group Stage – ELO ratings
Uefa Europa League 23/24 - Group F ELO Ratings

Group G: A Mix of History and Potential

  • Roma: The Italian powerhouse, with an ELO rating of 1766, is expected to dominate the group, backed by their rich European history.
  • Slavia Praha: The Czech side, rated at 1630, is a formidable contender, aiming to challenge Roma for the top spot.
  • Sheriff: The Moldovan club, with a rating of 1469, might not be the favorites but is anticipated to give a tough fight.
  • Servette: The Swiss team, rated at 1460, aspires to gain experience and potentially spring a few surprises.
TeamELO Rating
Slavia Praha1630
Uefa Europa League Group Stage – ELO ratings
Uefa Europa League 23/24 - Group G ELO Ratings

Group H: Where Every Match Counts

  • Leverkusen: The German side, with an ELO rating of 1775, is the favorite to top the group, a reflection of their strong form.
  • Qarabag: The Azerbaijani club, rated at 1566, is set to challenge Leverkusen for the top spot, making the group’s dynamics captivating.
  • Molde: The Norwegian side, with a rating of 1556, aims to secure a spot in the UEFA Europa Conference League, but they won’t settle without vying for the top spots.
  • Häcken: The Swedish team, rated at 1463, seeks to gain valuable experience and challenge their higher-rated counterparts.
TeamELO Rating
Uefa Europa League Group Stage – ELO ratings
Uefa Europa League 23/24 - Group H ELO Ratings

Uefa Europa League Group Stage Odds

The UEFA Europa League stands as one of the most prestigious club competitions in European football. Annually, teams from across the continent vie for the coveted trophy, with the group stages playing a pivotal role in this journey. In this analysis, we delve into the betting odds for each group, highlighting both the favorites and potential dark horses.

Group A: West Ham Takes the Lead

West Ham United, a Premier League side, leads the betting odds in Group A. They are closely trailed by the German team, Freiburg. Rounding out the group are Olympiacos from Greece and Backa Topola.

Analysis: West Ham’s recent Premier League performances could account for their favorable odds. However, with teams like Freiburg and Olympiacos, renowned for their European endeavors, the group may hold some surprises.

TeamOdds 1Odds 2Odds 3Odds 4
West Ham5/64/59/105/6
Backa Topola12/125/111/114/1
Uefa Europa League Group Stage Odds Group A
Group A Betting Odds

Group B: Brighton Shines Bright

In Group B, the English club Brighton emerges as the frontrunner, with the French side Marseille closely behind. The group is completed by Dutch giants Ajax and the Greek team, AEK Athens.

Analysis: Brighton’s lead in the odds might astonish many, especially considering the European pedigree of teams like Ajax. This group is shaping up to be highly competitive.

TeamOdds 1Odds 2Odds 3Odds 4
AEK Athens14/114/115/114/1
Uefa Europa League Group Stage Odds Group B
Group B Betting Odds

Group C: Real Betis Dominates

The Spanish team, Real Betis, is the undisputed favorite in Group C. They are followed by the Scottish powerhouse, Rangers, with Sparta Prague from the Czech Republic and Aris Limassol from Cyprus also in contention.

Analysis: Real Betis’s commendable start in La Liga could be the reason behind their favorable odds. However, with Rangers’ rich European history, they might present a formidable challenge.

TeamOdds 1Odds 2Odds 3
Real Betis1/21/21/2
Sparta Prague7/16/111/2
Aris Limassol10/114/113/1
Uefa Europa League Group Stage Odds Group C
Group C Betting Odds

Group D: Atalanta’s Ascent

The Italian team, Atalanta, is the bookmakers’ top pick in Group D, closely pursued by Sporting Lisbon from Portugal. Sturm Graz and Rakow are also in this group.

Analysis: Atalanta’s offensive playstyle has garnered them numerous admirers throughout Europe. Sporting Lisbon, with its storied history, is definitely a team to keep an eye on.

TeamOdds 1Odds 2Odds 3Odds 4
Sporting Lisbon5/413/105/46/4
Sturm Graz9/18/18/16/1
Uefa Europa League Group Stage Odds Group D
Group D Betting Odds

Group E: Liverpool’s Dominance

Premier League titans, Liverpool, are the clear favorites in Group E. They share the group with Toulouse, Union St Gilloise, and LASK Linz.

Analysis: Given Liverpool’s illustrious European history and their formidable squad, their favored status is unsurprising. Yet, European fixtures are notorious for upsets, and teams like Toulouse and Union St Gilloise could make their mark.

TeamOdds 1Odds 2Odds 3Odds 4
Union St Gilloise7/111/113/110/1
LASK Linz25/125/122/120/1
Uefa Europa League Group Stage Odds Group E
Group E Betting Odds

Group F: Villarreal’s Voyage

In Group F, the Spanish side Villarreal tops the betting odds. They are accompanied by Rennes, Panathinaikos, and Maccabi Haifa.

Analysis: As recent Europa League champions, Villarreal naturally holds the favorite spot. However, teams like Rennes and Panathinaikos might have a few surprises up their sleeves.

TeamOdds 1Odds 2Odds 3Odds 4
Maccabi Haifa12/111/112/19/1
Uefa Europa League Group Stage Odds Group F
Group F Betting Odds

Group G: Roma’s Reign

The Italian giants, Roma, are the clear frontrunners in Group G. Following them are Slavia Prague,

Servette, and Sheriff Tiraspol.

Analysis: Roma, with their rich European legacy, are the top pick. Yet, Slavia Prague, a consistent participant in European tournaments, could challenge Roma’s supremacy.

TeamOdds 1Odds 2Odds 3Odds 4
Slavia Prague5/19/25/17/1
Sheriff Tiraspol16/116/116/120/1
Uefa Europa League Group Stage Odds Group G
Group G Betting Odds

Group H: Bayer Leverkusen’s Challenge

For the final group, the German side Bayer Leverkusen leads the odds. They are joined by Molde, Qarabag, and Hacken.

Analysis: Bayer Leverkusen, with their Bundesliga expertise, are the clear favorites. Yet, regular European competitors like Molde and Qarabag might pose a significant challenge.

TeamOdds 1Odds 2Odds 3Odds 4
Bayer Leverkusen2/54/1111/254/11
Uefa Europa League Group Stage Odds Group H

Group H Betting Odds

Final Analysis and Comparison

  1. ELO Ratings Overview:
  • Top 3 Teams by ELO Rating:
    1. Liverpool – 1961
    2. Brighton – 1840
    3. Bayer Leverkusen – 1775
  • Bottom 3 Teams by ELO Rating:
    1. TSC Backa Topola – 1346
    2. Aris Limassol – 1435
    3. Sheriff Tiraspol – 1469
  1. Betting Odds Overview:
  • Top 3 Teams by Betting Odds Favorability:
    1. Liverpool – 1/7
    2. Real Betis – 1/2
    3. Bayer Leverkusen – 2/5
  • Bottom 3 Teams by Betting Odds:
    1. LASK Linz – 25/1
    2. Sheriff Tiraspol – 16/1
    3. Backa Topola – 12/1
  1. Discrepancies between ELO and Betting Odds:
  • Ajax: Despite having a high ELO rating of 1733, their betting odds are not as favorable, suggesting that other factors might be influencing public perception.
  • Rangers: Their rich European history and an ELO rating of 1623 might suggest they’d be favorites, but the betting odds don’t reflect this.
  • Atalanta: Their ELO rating of 1765 and attacking playstyle make them favorites, but their betting odds are even at 1/1, indicating a perceived balanced chance.
  1. Potential Dark Horses:
  • Maccabi Haifa: Their ELO rating of 1590 positions them as a potential dark horse in Group F, especially when considering Villarreal’s recent victory in the Europa League.
  • Sparta Praha: With an ELO rating of 1609, they’re a team to watch in Group C, especially with Real Betis leading the group.
  1. Teams with Significant ELO and Betting Odds Alignment:
  • West Ham: Both their ELO rating (1808) and betting odds (5/6) position them as clear favorites in Group A.
  • Roma: Their dominant ELO rating of 1766 and favorable odds of 2/9 in Group G showcase a strong alignment between statistical and public perception.
  1. Underdogs with Potential:
  • AEK Athens: Their ELO rating of 1554 and betting odds of 14/1 in Group B suggest they’re underdogs, but their European experience could lead to potential upsets.
  • TSC Backa Topola: The lowest ELO rating in the list, but European football is known for its surprises, and they might just be one of them.


The ELO ratings provide a quantitative measure of a team’s performance and potential, while the betting odds reflect public perception and other factors like recent form, injuries, and historical performance in the tournament. While there’s a general alignment between the ELO ratings and betting odds for many teams, there are notable discrepancies for teams like Ajax and Rangers.

The discrepancies between the two can offer valuable insights for analysts and bettors alike. For instance, where there’s a significant gap between ELO ratings and betting odds, there might be an opportunity for a value bet. Conversely, where the two align closely, it indicates a consensus between historical data and current public perception.

That was it. FM Wonderkid has given you all the information you need. Now just take full advantage of basic logic and common sense.
For more up-to-date insider information, visit Football Trends and Football Life.


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