The Art of Winning with FM24 Tactics Board – All Formation Styles

Fm23 Tactics Formation Styles. Guide for tactic formation setup in Football Manager

Football Manager 24 Formations Introduction

Football Manager has always been a game that thrives on the complexity of controlling a football team. It’s not just about buying and selling players; it’s about devising a tactical system that outsmarts your opponents.

In the world of Football Manager tactics are more crucial than ever. But what about the default tactical styles that the game offers? Are they any good? Let’s find out.

The FM24 Tactics Board – Tactical Formation Landscape

FM23 Tactics Scheme | Football Manager 23

Football Manager offers a variety of tactical styles, each with its unique set of principles and instructions.

These range from the high-pressing Gegenpress to the ultra-defensive Park the Bus. Understanding these styles can be a game-changer, especially for newcomers or those looking to simplify their approach.

The Importance of Tactical Styles in FM24

In Football Manager 24, the tactical styles are not just pre-set templates; they are a culmination of various tactical elements like FM24 player roles, team instructions, and even set-piece routines.

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Understanding the nuances can give you an edge, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned football manager.

FM23 Tactics Importance
Importance of Tactical Elements in Football Manager 24

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FM24 Tactics Board Formation – Key Takeaways

Control PossessionBall PossessionTechnically Gifted Players
GegenpressHigh-Intensity PressingHigh Stamina & Teamwork
Tika TakaQuick Passing & MovementSkilled Midfielders
Vertical Tika TakaVertical PlayDynamic Attackers
Wing PlayExploiting the FlanksStrong Wingers
Route OneLong BallsTall Forwards
Fluid/Direct Counter AttackQuick CountersFast Forwards
CatenaccioDefensive SolidityStrong Defenders
Park the BusUltra-DefensiveDisciplined Players
All Tactical Styles in Football Manager 24
FM23 Tactical Styles and Philosophy Categories | Football Manager 2023

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Control Possession: The Art of Dictating the Game

Control Possession aims to dominate the game by maintaining high levels of ball possession. It requires players who are composed, decisive, and skilled at passing.

The tactic has proven effective in FM24, especially when you have the right set of players. It’s a style that aligns well with teams that have technically gifted midfielders and attackers.

Key Attributes for Control Possession:

  • Composure
  • Decision Making
  • Passing

Teams Best Suited for Control Possession in FM24

SevillaLa Liga
LazioSerie A
RB LeipzigBundesliga
FM24 Tactics Board – Best Picks for Control Possession Philosophy

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Gegenpress: The High-Intensity Approach

Gegenpress is arguably the most popular tactical style in Football Manager. It focuses on winning the ball back as high up the pitch as possible.

This style demands players with high levels of stamina, natural fitness, concentration, and teamwork. It’s a tactic that can be devastating when executed correctly but can leave you exposed if not managed well.

Key Attributes for Gegenpress:

  • Stamina
  • Natural Fitness
  • Concentration
  • Teamwork

Teams Best Suited for Gegenpress in FM24

AtalantaSerie A
Borussia DortmundBundesliga
VillarrealLa Liga
Leicester CityPremier League
FM24 Tactics Board – Best picks for Gegenpressing Philosophy

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Tika Taka and Vertical Tika Taka: The Best of Both Worlds

Tika Taka aims to control possession and win the ball back quickly, much like Gegenpress. However, it places a greater emphasis on off-the-ball movement and quick, intricate passing.

Vertical Tika Taka, on the other hand, adds another layer by utilizing the vertical lines of the pitch to pull defenders out of position.

Key Attributes for Tika Taka:

  • Off-the-Ball Movement
  • Physical Fitness

Teams Best Suited for Tika Taka in FM24

NapoliSerie A
Bayer LeverkusenBundesliga
ValenciaLa Liga
EvertonPremier League
FM24 Tactics Board – Best Picks for Tiki Taka Philosophy

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FM24 4-3-3 Tactics Board

Wing Play: Exploiting the Flanks

Wing Play focuses on creating overloads on the flanks and delivering crosses into the box.

It’s a tactic that can be particularly effective if you have wingers with excellent crossing ability and forwards adept at aerial duels.

Key Attributes for Wing Play:

  • Crossing
  • Off-the-Ball Movement

Teams Best Suited for Wing Play in FM24

AS MonacoLigue 1
Real SociedadLa Liga
West HamPremier League
FM24 Tactics Board – Best Picks for Wing Play Philosophy

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The Defensive Maestros: Catenaccio and Park the Bus

Catenaccio is a highly defensive system designed to nullify the opposition’s attacking threat.

Park the Bus, on the other hand, is the epitome of defensive football, aiming to secure a 0-0 draw at all costs.

Key Attributes for Defensive Tactics:

  • Defensive Awareness
  • Positioning
  • Tackling

Teams Best Suited for Defensive Tactics in FM24

TorinoSerie A
Hertha BerlinBundesliga
GetafeLa Liga
BurnleyPremier League
FM24 Tactics – Best Picks for Defensive Philosophy

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Conclusion: The Versatility of FM24 Tactics Board

Unlock the full potential of Football Manager tactics with expert insights on various playing styles. Optimize your team on football tactics Board in the best way!
Football Manager Tactical Playing Styles

The default tactical styles in Football Manager 2024 offer a wide range of options for different types of gameplay. Whether you’re a newbie looking for a simple yet effective approach or an experienced manager aiming to tweak and personalize your tactics, these styles serve as excellent starting points.

So, which tactical style do you think suits your management philosophy the best? Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences!

FM24 Tactics Board – Summary Table Formation Styles

Tactical StyleKey AttributesBest Suited TeamsIdeal for Managers Who…
Control PossessionComposure, Decision Making, PassingSevilla, Lazio, RB Leipzig, AjaxPrefer a possession-based approach
GegenpressStamina, Natural Fitness, Concentration, TeamworkAtalanta, Borussia Dortmund, Villarreal, Leicester CityLike high-intensity, pressing football
Tika Taka & Vertical Tika TakaOff-the-Ball Movement, Physical FitnessNapoli, Bayer Leverkusen, Valencia, EvertonEnjoy intricate passing and movement
Wing PlayCrossing, Off-the-Ball MovementAS Monaco, Wolfsburg, Real Sociedad, West HamWant to exploit the flanks
Defensive Tactics (Catenaccio & Park the Bus)Defensive Awareness, Positioning, TacklingTorino, Hertha Berlin, Getafe, BurnleyAim for a solid defensive setup
FM24 Tactics Board – Real-Life Ideal Examples

FAQ: Mastering FM24 Tactics Board and Formation Styles

What Are the Key Tactics in FM24 for Winning Games?

Answer: FM24 introduces a variety of innovative tactics that emphasize fluid gameplay, strategic positioning, and adaptive player roles. Key tactics include dynamic attacking formations, enhanced defensive strategies, and mid-game tactical adjustments for outmaneuvering opponents.

How Do Formation Styles in FM24 Impact Gameplay?

Answer: Formation styles in FM24 are crucial for dictating the flow of the game. They determine how your team controls possession, transitions between defense and offense, and exploits weaknesses in the opposition. Each formation style offers a unique approach, from aggressive pressing to controlled possession play.

Can I Customize Formation Styles in FM24?

Answer: Yes, FM24 allows deep customization of formation styles. Players can adjust individual player roles, team instructions, and even set specific tactics for different phases of play, ensuring a highly tailored approach to each match.

What’s New in FM24’s Tactical Interface?

Answer: FM24’s tactical interface has been revamped for greater clarity and control. It includes intuitive layout changes, enhanced visual feedback on player roles and duties, and improved AI suggestions that help in refining your tactical approach.

How Important Are Player Roles in FM24 Tactics?

Answer: Player roles are pivotal in FM24 tactics. They define each player’s responsibilities on the pitch, influencing how they interact with teammates and execute the overall game plan. Understanding and optimizing these roles is key to achieving tactical success.

What Are Some Advanced Formation Styles in FM24?

Answer: Advanced formation styles in FM24 include the fluid 3-5-2, the versatile 4-2-3-1, and the solid 4-3-3, among others. Each offers different strengths and can be adapted to suit various playing philosophies and opponent strategies.

How Can I Adapt My Tactics Mid-Game in FM24?

Answer: FM24 allows for dynamic tactical adjustments mid-game. You can change formations, modify player roles, or shift team mentalities in response to match developments. This flexibility is key to responding to opponent strategies and maintaining control of the game.

How Can I Implement Real-World Football Strategies in FM24?

Answer: FM24’s advanced tactical system allows players to mimic real-world football strategies. By studying professional teams’ play styles, understanding different formations, and applying these concepts in the game, you can create highly effective tactics that mirror real-life football dynamics.

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This was the most comprehensive guide to successfully managing with essential FM24 Tactics Board – All Formation Styles insights.

Enjoy, dear managers!


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